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Part II - Performers and Assets

The best performers make the best events. Each Impresario will need to travel the Empire to find those special markets that sell fearless gladiators, powerful lions and magnificent horses. There are 5 markets in particular that are most esteemed and they are not far from each other. Follow the river to the edge of the lake and you are almost there.

Human performers such as Gladiators, Comedians, Musicians, Priests are available at the markets, but you'll also find magnificent animals such as Horses and Lions.

With the right skill and a little luck, you may be able to find a star among your performers. There are 7 stars in the Empire and having one in your troupe will bring the spectators out in droves.

To complete your production you'll also need to create the backdrop to the action. Set the stage with Ships for the Naumachia, Torches, Scenery, Decorations, and Cages for the animals. And of course no Roman spectacle would be complete without Chariots!

Nothing comes cheap and you'll be competing with other impresarios to get the spectacle elements you need. All of these resources are auctioned off in sets so you might end up acquiring some elements that you don't need for your programs.  The remedy is to find another impresario who is willing to negotiate a trade or two so both of you can get what you need.

You will not find all of the elements you need on your first visits to the market, so you'll have to return again. As time goes by, you'll become an expert at judging the values in the markets and a feared negotiator. But now it's time to bring your findings to the arena and prepare for your first program. But that's another chapter.

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