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Iron Gut Heath
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Lucky Bastard

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December 2012
Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Fri, 07 February 2014 00:48
So, if you were stuck on a desert island (with wi-fi, power supply, and a computer) and had the choice of one official scenario...

What is your favorite front?
What is your favorite official scenario of all time from any front?
Feel free to share why, if you want...

Front...I'm leaning toward Pacific...Gung Ho! and Banzai are just a little too fun Smile

Scenario...Dug in at Sidi Omar...there was just something about that first time with all those tanks in all that open sand that thrilled me Very Happy

That's my answer for this week... Razz
tank commander
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I Love Pineapples

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October 2004
Re:Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Sat, 08 February 2014 15:15
East Front but as to the scenario:

Meat Grinder - Marine and Japanese rules, Combat Eng and flame tanks, plenty of arty and tanks and the caves Very Happy - how can you beat that?
Senior Member

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February 2009
Re:Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Sun, 09 February 2014 02:36
Pacific Front.
I have to agree with TC the Meat Grinder is an awesome scenario with everything you need.
Dietrich von Kleist
Senior Member
Total Victory

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June 2005
Re:Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Sun, 09 February 2014 09:27
I like to play in an active attacking way, taking risks (often too much risks). "Distant shooting scenarios" can be so boring, I think. Bored

So I like playing the Japanese side (Banzaaaaiii). Just a pity these guys never make a "tactical retreat" when a flagpole is raised in front of them. Crying or Very Sad

Therefore The Meat Grinder is also my favourite

It even seems be a good one to get the Iron Gun, but not for me yet Crying or Very Sad
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Advanced Historian

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July 2007
Re:Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Sun, 09 February 2014 09:27
Front: Pacific
Scenario: Operation Cobra/Red Barricades Factory
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Général de brigade

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May 2006
Re:Favorite Front? Favorite Scenario? Sun, 09 February 2014 22:36
Favorite Front: Pacific
Favorite Scenarios: The Meat Grinder and Wake
Favorite Scenario on SFFT: Victory at Stalingrad - by Jokull
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