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  Multiple Accounts? Game Center issue? Merge easily! Sat, 14 September 2013 18:54
If you used Game Center with the very first version of Ticket to Ride for iPad, or if you chose to create an account using Game Center in Ticket to Ride or Small World 2 rather than using your original Days of Wonder account, you will end-up with a second account. Starting Small World 2 will automatically use this account, since it uses your Game Center ID by default to make your log-in life easier.

Having two accounts is not a good idea, especially if one one them have some features and not the other. You should merge them.

Soooo, how to resolve this?

The good news is that Small World 2 and our Web site provide all the tools you need to fix this in a few easy steps:

1. From Small World 2, you can access directly to your profile on the Web site. Assuming you are logged in with your Game Center-based account in SW 2, go to the Settings screen by tapping the gear icon in the main menu, then the Login Settings button and the "Edit my Profile" link:

2. This will take you to the Web site on the My Account page, being logged in with your Game Center-based account. Tap on the "Merge with another account" link, then enter the Login Name and Password of your original DoW account:

Then proceed with the merge process. It is advised to choose all the parameters of your original account - the ones in the "Other Account" column.

That's it!


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Re:Multiple Accounts? Game Center issue? Merge easily! Tue, 07 January 2014 16:38
There was a problem with dual link to Steam. All was solved by support very quickly. Thanks a lot!

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Re:Multiple Accounts? Game Center issue? Merge easily! Thu, 13 March 2014 11:04
I even failed to login in Small World 2.
I cannot proceed with logging settings.
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