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TtR 10th Anniv - Missing Rules Mon, 30 June 2014 06:57
It has been widely reported that the TtR 10th Anniversary Edition includes the cards for the 1910 and Mystery Train expansions, but the rules that come with the $100 game make no reference to those expansions at all. What I have not seen, however, is any official comment from DoW on this issue. (I apologize if I have missed it somewhere.) Can we get some kind of explanation why this happened and if there are any plans to remedy this in future printings (if such will be happening)?

Edit: It looks like only half of the Mystery Train expansion cards (the extra routes) are included. Supplemental question: why wasn't the entire expansion included?

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Re:TtR 10th Anniv - Missing Rules Fri, 04 July 2014 19:25
During development of the game, our expectation was that that nearly all of the purchasers would already be experienced Ticket to Ride owners and would most likely already be familiar with the core rules and the 1910 rules. Also, we did not have officially translated versions of the 1910 rules for all the languages included in the 10th Anniversary Edition rules. In particular we knew that translating the Japanese rules would cause a significant delay in getting the game to press and to market.

Our assumptions about the first point were clearly wrong - many people did want, and do need, the 1910 rules as this may be their first version of the game and/or they are unfamiliar with the 1910 rules. And because we were wrong about this, it makes our decision to move ahead to get the game into print without them, short-sighted.

Only the destination cards for Mystery Train were included because we wanted to include all routes that we'd published. There are actually physical limitations in printing card decks and the deck sizes are fixed at specific numbers, so we could not include the other non-destination cards from Mystery Train.

So how will we solve the problem? We'll start work on a separate printed piece that will contain the 1910 rules variants and make it clear how to play the different versions of the game when playing the 10th Anniversary Edition. We'll make this available for free from the Days of Wonder web store or to pick up at trade shows and events that we're at. I don't know when they will be available yet. We'll post online when we know. I can tell you that they won't make it into the second print run of the game as that is already being assembled, but we'll try to make this right as quickly as we can.

In the meantime you can find the Ticket to Ride 1910 rules online here:
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