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September 2007
Syracuse, Albany,Utica NY Gamers, Any around Sat, 05 July 2014 19:47
Hey Gamers,
will be moving to upstate NY in the Fall, will be working at Rome Memorial Hospital as Medical Director!! (pretty hot stuff) Kudos to me, but enough patting myself on back. After 33 yrs of doing Internal Medicine, in various ways, Private practice, Hospitalist, + administrative positions , I decided to apply for this position and Got it !!

Anyway, before I became a Doc, I was playing war board games from age 10, now 61. M44 is very enjoyable though can be frustrating at times depending on cards and dice.
Overall, most gamers have been very good natured and good sportsmen or women(there may be a few out there!).

To get to the point, there are no gamers in my current area, and although the online version makes things easier and opens the world to me, there is nothing like a face to face game.

So, I'm wondering if any of you gamers live around the Syracuse, Albany, Utica area in NY. Or if there is a gaming club in that area. Looking forward to some positive replies.

Thanks, Peace out! Steve
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October 2004
Re:Syracuse, Albany,Utica NY Gamers, Any around Tue, 15 July 2014 01:25
You may wish to try this out:

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