Memoir '44 Projects of GhostBrigades19

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I've made these following score sheets so everyone can record their scores of each individual battle in the Grand Campaigns.  I know Rasmussen makes some great ones, but these are here for use until his are out :).  Enjoy!!
Sheets for the Island Hoppers Grand Campaign:

Sheets for the Break Through Normandy Grand Campaign:

I've created a complete 4-campaign, 16-scenario Grand Campaign documenting Japan's invasion into China in the early years of World War 2.  I hope everyone will enjoy it and feel free to give me feedback on the scenarios.
Here is Part 1 (Rules and Score Sheets):

Due to the large file sizes of the other two PDF's I made (which were just the scenarios), you will have to find the scenarios on my home of my user pages.  Sorry for the inconvenience.