Memoir '44 Projects of Achtung Panzer

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I am currently re-fighting the whole of the Second World War!!  I've devided official and unofficial games up into Theatres and playing them through in chronologial order, taking note of the battle outcomes and unit scores.  Once the Theatre is complete I award it to the winner of the most games just like a Set in tennis.
This has the advantage of linking the scenarios to form a campaign.  the Germans are expected to win easily at the start because they have the advantage of the Blitz rules.  However if they suffer high casualties they risk losing the Theatre "Set" if te number of games won is equal - units lost become the "tie-breaker".
Playing through the scenarios in order certainly gives you a feel for the histrorical progression - from desperate Polish cavalry, through fast-moving panzers, the partizan terrain of the Balkans and the paratroopers on Crete.  Great fun!
I have started using mini swastikas to identify my heavy panzer units rather than the GrossDeutschland shield - see my Gallery.  They look great in 1939 - 42 battles where the Luftwaffe largely controlled the sky even though I know heavy panzers (such as the Panther, Tiger and King Tiger) didn't really apear until late 1942!
I'm using 1/72 Airfix WW2 Italian infantry in the Mediterranean Theatre.
I want to create the DAK and so I've bought and painted Skytrex 1/200th scale models to use alongside 1/72nd scale Revell plastic infantry.  Examples of the armour can be seen in my Gallery.