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Forum: Memoir '44 Online - English
 Thema: Memoir 44 Ladders and Tournaments
tank commander
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I Love Pineapples

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Re:Memoir 44 Ladders and Tournaments Fri, 25 July 2014 00:49
boostybleep wrote on Wed, 23 July 2014 21:29

Sorry folks, in my haste I put up the wrong url.

Here is the correct one (ive also updated the original post).

Two more points. You can use any way you agree on to play the game, either the official game or Vassal as long as you agree. The other point is to sign up to the ladder, dont be shy, someone has to be first then others will follow. Once signed up the link for the Memoir 44 ladder is...

You will be able to sign on to the ladder from the above link as long as you have joined up and are signed on.


I registered here but could not sign on as I never was e-mailed an activation code.
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April 2014
Re:Memoir 44 Ladders and Tournaments Fri, 25 July 2014 01:09

You are registered, you wont receive and email as I set that to off on the site. It still however puts up a message that you will receive an email. That is a little misleading. I need to see if there is a way to change phpBBB.

Just sign in with your username and password and you should be fine. If not let me know and I will sort it out for you.

Sorry for the teething problems but im literally learning all the features and quirks too.

 Thema: I am a heel. M44-ers are so friendly!
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May 2014
  I am a heel. M44-ers are so friendly! Fri, 25 July 2014 03:21
I need to apologize to the friendly players who greeted/invited me online today...and heard only silence in return. Hopefully, a mea culpa is not an inappropriate use of the forum.

I made the mistake of not logging off or going invisible. Was playing a game against my kid when my bathroom contractor came to the door. Got caught up on the details of the punch list and a robot took over my side, much to my kid's dismay. He does NOT want to play a robot; would much rather decimate is ole mom.

Then the phone rang and dinner needed to be made. (This is so my life!)

Was embarrassed when I went back and saw I was still visible!

I hope docsteve, player1608594, and tank commander see this.
Docsteve: would definitely have taken you up on your offer of Operation Cobra. sigh. You played my son recently when I was teaming up on his account. We had a great time.
player1608594: you're the first person to "ring". Sorry I wasn't there to answer.
tank commander: Hi, back at you. Thanks for remembering me from the New players post.
Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Thema: Beyond D-Day
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March 2010
Re:Beyond D-Day Fri, 25 July 2014 05:49
Antoi wrote on Fri, 18 July 2014 05:59

Stalingrad is a very good idea.
I can see reinforcements have to cross the wolga or German units arriving by train (instead of LC's).
Russian sniper reinforcements and urban combat cards.
Maybe even the new bomber rules from CB2, and if you rol a star on a town it transfers into city ruin.

I think Stalingrad would work very well in this format. Using a total of 4 to maps with the center maps being the city of Stalingrad and the end ones being the flanks of the area of operation (Italians and Romanians)

I could see the maps as being double sided with one side representing the advance in the summer onto Stalingrad with the city itself situated more to the back of the maps. Then having the other side representing the period just before the Russians launched the operation to outflank the Germans in Stalingrad (Winter) with the city area situated a bit more to the center of the maps.

Lots of good ideas for reinforcements, as you suggested the Russians could arrive by train, landing craft (making the Volga river 2 to 3 hexes wide) and even using the factory district to bring in tank reinforcements (since they were being rolled straight off the production line into battle)

I could also see a special reinforcement rule for the Germans in the winter scenario where the Germans have to build up a pool of ready to deploy units (for example the list may consist of 3 regular infantry, 1 elite infantry, 1 engineer, 3 tanks units...or something like that) Then once all units have been rolled for on the list (all German players contribute to the list, also other rolls still might give supply drops and the such), they can then be deployed (using orders) from certain places on the German base line. This force would represent the attempt but Von Manstein to link up with the cut off forces in Stalingrad. So if would be a mass reinforcement that would enter at a variable stage in the battle depending on how quickly the Germans call roll for all the relieving forces.

Also the Urban combat deck and winter deck could be used.
Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: MEMC - GROUP D
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March 2014
Re:MEMC - GROUP D Fri, 25 July 2014 10:16
When the next play day is planned? Smile

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December 2005
Re:MEMC - GROUP D Fri, 25 July 2014 10:33
We planned to play on Monday, 28.7. with starting time 20:30 CEST

Please tell, if you have time.
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March 2014
Re:MEMC - GROUP D Fri, 25 July 2014 11:29
It's good time. I will be.
 Thema: NEW Euroleague Season 1 Division A
Taka Goupil Hermitage
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April 2011
Re:NEW Euroleague Season 1 Division A Fri, 25 July 2014 12:38
Mori vs Goupil
3 3

Sometimes a draw is a win.
Playing "against the wind" with tix and big tracks for mori every game, but I fought back and I had a match point anyway...
Good luck for the rest Mori
Forum: Discussie - Nederlands
 Thema: Operatie Neptune in Oost-Vlaanderen
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Bring Boys Back Home

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March 2005
Re:Operatie Neptune in Oost-Vlaanderen Fri, 25 July 2014 13:07
met 9 zijn er genoeg mogelijkheden Smile

2 borden van 2 mappen en dan 1 in overlord....
of een halve landingen(3 tegen 2) en dan 1 van 2 stranden (2 tegen 2)

of gewoon de hele uitbreiding en dan de taken verdelen Smile