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Forum: Mémoire 44 - Français
 Thema: Compendium interactif M44 pour smartphone et tablette V1.1 - MAJ 18/04/14
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Michael Wittmann

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December 2010
Re:Compendium interactif M44 pour smartphone et tablette Mon, 21 April 2014 01:30
les probabilités sont bien meilleures, mais il reste le 29,6% 44,4% à afficher à la place de 30,0% 45,0% pour les 3 dés sans recul de l'artillerie. halala, je l'avais pourtant dit ... cela dit, le reste (des statistiques) est bon.

Encore une fois bravo pour cette oeuvre (ainsi que pour la campagne Iskra dont je n'ai rien dit mais qui est magnifique aussi).
Forum: Les Aventuriers du Rail - Jeu de société - Français
 Thema: Précommandez l'Édition Anniversaire des Aventuriers du Rail.
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April 2014
Re:Précommandez l'Édition Anniversaire des Aventuriers du Rail. Mon, 21 April 2014 14:46
Merci pour vos réponses !

C'est précommandé sur Ludifolie. J'ai hâte de recevoir ça Smile
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 Thema: Campaign Book #2 Errata
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April 2013
Re:Campaign Book #2 Errata Mon, 21 April 2014 15:58
P.60 Gemencheh Bridge the text below the title says "Operation Flintlock - Marshal Islands" while I think it should be "Bicycle Blitzkrieg - Mare Shinko Sakusen"
Forum: Memoir '44 Online - English
Stiff Upper Lip

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February 2010
Re:CONNECTION PROBLEMS Mon, 21 April 2014 02:40
Hi All,

I have not played much this last week as I have been busy at work, but check your task manager to make sure you are not running multiple connections to M44, this happens to me regularly and has caused me to drop games at times.

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Advanced Historian

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April 2011
Re:CONNECTION PROBLEMS Mon, 21 April 2014 04:23
It happened to me as well, but over a well determined time. I think DoW fixed the problem.
 Thema: Western Front Tournament Results
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Bring Boys Back Home

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March 2005
Re:Western Front Tournament Results Mon, 21 April 2014 10:51
After a third loss in a row in a tournament I'm starting to second guess myself. Confused

Clorofila played a great match though, so losing against him is not that bad Cool It was some bad luck in the end where I only killed a few figures each time so Clorofila had time to retreat....
The destruction of my tanks where also a big loss. Maybe I should have protected them better.

Thanks André for the match!
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Brigadier General

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May 2003
Re:Western Front Tournament Results Mon, 21 April 2014 16:18

After a third loss in a row in a tournament I'm starting to second guess myself.


If that were the case, I would have to give up my playing card! Lost last 2 in PAC FRONT and first 2 in WEST FRONT!! Shocked

But, in all 4, I had fun playing and well....just didn't get the wins!! Except OVERALL as part of TEAM ALLIES and that is what we play for....we will just have to contribute in the last 8...sure we will....if not, maybe we can play in Rd 3 and then one of us will have a win after that! Laughing

Until then..only 1st guess yourself, much better than 2nd guessing yourself! Very Happy

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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: NEW League Season 1 Division B
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December 2008
Re:NEW League Season 1 Division B Mon, 21 April 2014 15:45
Womble & ~maf

2 - 4

Nice opponent
Ty womble
 Thema: League FAQ
BTB yaelka
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T2R Nation Cup 2011 Winner

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July 2005
Re:League FAQ Mon, 21 April 2014 16:35
no idea, where this question really belongs to:

... after a player has played some matches of league ... and then - due to whatever - retires, without having played at least 2/3rd of his matches, his already played matches get nullified

... ok so far ...

... but what about TEL0? ... Will the played matches be taken into account there? ... Would be nice in my oppinion ... so played matches are at least worth a bit. Smile

... and what about ruled matches? Are they counted for TELO-rating?