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Forum: Memoir '44 Online - Français
 Thema: [WOLF-44] 2ème Bataille / Saison 3 / Le Pont qui pue
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Re:[WOLF-44] 2ème Bataille / Saison 3 / Le Pont qui pue Sun, 07 February 2016 00:29
Lucky91 and I played today and here is the report....

Game 1 (19 turns - 35 mins):

http://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/en/battle/?id=50 745540

Right off Luc took out my left - center guns with BARRAGE. Now my German defense was missing a vital unit. A few turns later my center elite panzer bagged a 2 fig infantry that had moved onto the bridge. A Russian BEL exited a 2 fig Russian infantry off the map for a 2 to 1 Russian lead. The Russians advanced in the center and then picked off a 2 fig infantry. Things were looking grim for my Germans. But I hit back hard in the center and killed off an infantry and tank. Back to back 2-2-2s did little damage to either side. A German TFH orders a panzer and two infantry and they attack my right. I lose my other Artillery and one of my infantry suffer two hits. But I kill off three weak units and gain a 6 to 4 lead. I lose a center baseline panzer as two Russian tanks move up in the center. I almost kill kill off a tank on the bridge and then lose a panzer to two tanks ordered by CLOSE ASSAULT. It s now or never and I play TFH but can only ored a panzer and an infantry. My tank gets 3 hits on one tank which is cutoff and my infantry finishes off a 1 fig tank on the bridge and moves onto the bridge for the last medal.

tank commander (Germans) 8 inc 1 objective medal (31 figs)


lucky (Russ) 6 inc 1 objective medal for an exited unit (20 figs)

The STATs with my numbers listed first:

SHOTS: 76 to 51


vs INF 40 to 53
vs TKS 42 to 33
vs ART NA to 31

TOTAL: 41 to 39

Game 2 (30 turns - 45 mins):

http://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/en/battle/?id=50 746260

I start off with BARRAGE too but my Russians miss the center - left arty. The battle rages in the center but I lose two tanks there for the loss of one panzer. I use my ARMOR ASSAULT with only 3 tanks. I had that card from the start and wished to use it under better conditions but things look bad and I must stop that center panzer. I kill off that unit and get a hit on the German center - right arty and also flag a panzer out of the woods on my right. But then lose a full strength tank on my left to 6 dice. I play TFH and order two infantry and a tank. I shift a tank from my center to attack the 1 fig gun on my left and kill it but cannot take out the panzer there. The battle then is on my left and I lose my last tank but kill off three infantry and the panzer there and also get a hit on the other arty to take a 6 to 5 lead. I do draw BEL but am not in position to use it. There are only three German units left, a panzer, infantry and 1 fig arty. I have a 1 fig tank, four 2 fig infantry and two infantry left. I try BEL to get 3d on the 1 fig arty and with a hit will get the win as I can then take the bridge medal but miss. A turn later my infantry kills off the arty and now I can close in on the bridge. I nearly finish things when I get 2 hits on the panzer after it moves down the road after I shifted my left infantry into the center. Luc has a chance to finish things in his last turn as the 1 fig panzer moves onto the bridge and this leaves him with a 1 d attack on a 1 fig infantry and a 2d attack on a 2 fig infantry but both miss attacks miss their marks and two of my center infantry make sure the panzer burns.

tank commander (Russians) 8 inc (26 figs)


lucky (GEr) 5 (35 figs)

The STATs with my numbers listed first:

SHOTS: 75 to 89


vs INF 43 to 41
vs TKS 31 to 38
vs ART 27 to NA

TOTAL: 35 to 39


tank commander 16 medals inc 1 ob medal (57 figs)


lucky91 11 medals inc 1 ob medal (55 figs)

Two exciting and close games which surely could have went either way.

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 Thema: Asia Map Championship 2016 - Schedule and Results
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Re:Asia Map Championship 2016 - Schedule and Results Sun, 07 February 2016 01:34
Play-off picture:

LG - ...
Truck - Drake

... - ...
Knock - dea

Group A, please follow the deadline.


 Thema: New League USA Season 3 Division A

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Re:New League USA Season 3 Division A Sun, 07 February 2016 02:40
Whitetrain - ATLeague, Monday 21:30 CET
Forum: Mémoire 44 - Fédération Française
 Thema: Tournoi Lille - Nord - dimanche 20 mars 2016
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Re:Tournoi Lille - Nord - dimanche 20 mars 2016 Sun, 07 February 2016 09:17

Je m'inscris

Team 28 en force Laughing Laughing