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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: FUN 2014/2015: Schedules & Results
toutoune - Morgon
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Re:FUN 2014/2015: Schedules & Results Thu, 29 January 2015 00:03
toutoune - ATLeague 2:3

no5no6: 2 penaltys for ATLeague but very big tickets
as usual in this variant, taking the penalties seem to be the good strategy

Draw Open: my combo (Por-Pho, Mon-Atl) is dead, I block LA-NY finishing quick and win.

8+: I pushed 4 times to a penalty, 3 of them were not called.
bad decision around the end of the game, where I can easily manage my route to complete my 2 big tickets (Sea-NY and LA-Chi) when ATL has the hand free of cards, but I take the risk too much and I am blocked

5TixMin: we both miss a small ticket, I have less points but more on the board and win by 4.

Snake: I got locos, SF-Atl+HEl-LA+Dul-Hou vs LA-Chi + Win-LR.
When ATLeague starts on 6 grey, I have 8 pink, so I plan to go through the 6+3 pink. I start the 6 pink. ATLeague the 4 blue. 6 Orange for me. And 3 pink kill me.
Probably better to do differently, starting from south, but I was out of black/green.

But nice games, grats Andrew, and all the best for the final

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Re:FUN 2014/2015: Schedules & Results Thu, 29 January 2015 05:02
Thanks for good assessment Constant. I'll add my 2 cents with what I can remember, esp regarding any turning points in games.

Game 1: Decide to keep all three tix including van-mon. He goes heavy through middle and my chi-no is completely blocked, forcing me to take 2 penalties (to complete north) and tix (since I already had one dead). First set, I find LA-NY, cal-slc (not completed). Second set I find Sea-NY, LA-Chi (and could have kept den-elp. Comes down to end I have 6 black to connect to LA; however, if Constant lays 6 I would not be able to play them (As I could take penalty and I couldn't.) I thought about blocking la-chi, but in the end he plays for longest, and I take 3+3, no third penalty. 144-98

Game 2: I waited too long to play 6 orange (He only had 4 drawn, and 3 cards from the beginning I didn't know about. Alas, one was orange and another loco) I suspect Phoe early so block that. I overdraw a few times to still try to connect my La-NY (Den-elp was other ticket), and could never catch up. Left too many cards in my hand for a 69-57 loss (Had I just let him take Phoe, and I could take 6 orange... my colors were nice beyond that)

Game 3: I missed 3 penalties, the 3rd intentional, as he had so many possibilities to pick up. He is connected from NY-LA (I have SF-ATL, SSM-nash, den-pit). He lays 1 to Sea. I have enough to block both SF-LA and LA-LV, so I definitely call his 4th penalty to block both and complete my tix. In the end he lays 6 yellow, and has a few turns to connect via 5 red, but doesn't get enough. 117-75 me

Game 4. Constant is right on with his eval. I thought he had a 2nd missed ticket. Thought quite hard at blocking 1 to van on my last turn (he had van-fe), but instead decided to take 7 track points with four red, pretty sure I had the game won. Nope, 123-119 him.

Game 5. He is right, I had 6 black, 7 green, 7 red, and there were a few more black open. Plus it is hard to start south in snake when your opponent starts north. I had la-chi, win-lr, so I think I still would have been able to complete my tickets had he started 6 black (or better yet, 6 orange). But after my hel-slc, not much of a chance for him to get both sf and la.

Thank you for the games. Now hopefully Drake can make it both a Division C Semifinal and Final. Smile