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Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Thema: FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions
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Re:FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions Thu, 17 April 2014 00:32
@Bean and all EU haters:

I don't understand why the tunnels in EU are considered evil, but the tunnels in Swiss are not. It's the same concept, and Swiss has more tunnels doesn't it?

Sure, tunnels are an additional luck component.
You can reduce the luck factor by counting the known cards of the suit in question and the known locos, and by trying to avoid tunnels/force opp into tunnels.
You should always be prepared to pay an extra card or two.

Dependence on locos is an additional luck component, as there are routes where you can't do without them (besides locos being always good on all maps).

On the other side the stations give interesting new possiblities and alter the concept of blocking. They reduce the luck factor in my eyes as you are not automatically dead if the opp happens to play a route that you need urgently before you do.

The ticket distribution is more fair - sure, we all like Pal-Mos better than Ed-Ath, but still, everybody gets a long one - and gives a new focus on what to block and how to count.

Dependency on specific colors is less than in US, as most critical routes are grey or rather small with 2 colors.

How does it all sum up? No idea, ask the stats people Wink
My feeling is, it evens out.

Do your results - as relative newbie to a map - against low ELOs prove the luck factor of a map?
I don't think so.
When I started US I was sure that it was merely about the luck who got the more valuable tickets. I got to know TTR on the EU board that we had at home, then went online. So I had a decent idea how to plan routes to complete your tickets, which helped me to win US games when I had good tickets ... but only then.
I think the less familiar you are with a map the more you depend on the "luck" to get the things you can handle well.
Players coming from the US side are good at
- playing long tracks ... too bad there aren's too many in EU and it takes some time to realize the importance of 4ers
- blocking ... well, blocking in EU exists (a lot) but works completely differently with the stations
- ticket fiending (if needed) ... too bad if you don't know the tickets on the new map

My summary:
Each map has it's merits.
If I think a map sucks, that's probably beacuse I don't know it well enough.
As long as I don't know it well enough, I will be more luck dependent - if I get stuff I can handle well I can win against a top, if I don't, I risk losing to an 1100 player.
I don't think there's a general guideline that says "you have to play 100 games then you can judge the map". It depends on your approach (Do you just start playing and see what happens? Do you learn the tickets before? Do you watch good players before starting yourself?) ... and of course also on your talent.
Don't judge a map before you really know it.
 Thema: Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results
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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Thu, 17 April 2014 00:21
Grats BTB and also grats GANG for a very good fight - the closest decision I have ever seen, one lousy point in the last TAG decided about win or loss, crazy!!! Razz
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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Thu, 17 April 2014 02:45

This tourney was enjoyable for many reasons:

1. My team kicked the ttr villains (aka Will & GSV) for the 2nd time this year...yessssssssssss....mwahahahaha! Twisted Evil

2. 'Unlucky ommie' got revenge on 'loco-dea' and dea will continue to have sleepless nights over that one 'lousy' point... Twisted Evil

3. I didn't have to be in the lineup each week, nor did each of my teammates! One of the best aspects of our team is that our lineup is different each week and we can win with almost any lineup we put out! Very Happy

4. I tried something new and played AAT twice - both fun matches. Last year we taught Cromze how to play tag and this year we taught elka. Who's next? Laughing

Thx to the GANGsters for a close, entertaining finale! And also to all who participated this year...the more the better!!

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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Thu, 17 April 2014 04:46
Grats again, BTB, and thx for the good atmosphere during the finals. Very strong play in the TAG made the difference and a good comeback by Sysy, who also did an good job in the previous rounds.

And thanks to dea, Hecki, Kasi and Chris for all the good skype discussions and the competitive setting.

If anything, I hope we've given Kasi the final push and we will see him on the Europe and Asia maps soon.