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Forum: Small World - Digital
 Thema: Tournament and dodgers
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Re:Tournament and dodgers Sat, 30 August 2014 07:43
First of all, welcome to the forum community!! It's great to have you here and I'm glad to see that you're enjoying Small World 2! I think you'll find that this is a very helpful and friendly online community full of great players.

Zippa wrote on Fri, 29 August 2014 12:21

I hear you marine, and you have some good points, but I know some of these players dodge certain players because they want to hold their rank and don't want to lose, but I'll be more careful accusing people of things...

As a community, it's also best if we don't try to 'name and shame' other players. Like AngryMarine said, there could be any number of reasons for players to decline invitations be we also don't want to be a divisive community who get into accusations or personal attacks against individual players. Not that you did that at all, but I've seen other forums that slide into 'calling players out' and it's not fun to be around.

It's understandable to be frustrated about not being able to get a game against an opponent you want to play, so good luck in your invitations. Cool
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Re:Tournament and dodgers Sat, 30 August 2014 11:24
As Rasmussen said: Welcome to the forum.

When I read your post I don't feel like you want to participate in a tournament, but it feels more like you don't like it certain (high ranked) players don't want to compete against you and you feel they have to be forced to play. As stated above some players might not be able, or even want, to play against you or anybody else they don't know/like/etc.

Smal World is just a game (I can't believe I said that Embarassed ) so people can enjoy it anyway they want. They don't have to adhere or subject to what you or I think is decent behavior. I hope we all play for love of the game (and yes also to be our best and try to win)

Online tournaments
I don't think DoW will organise that, if you want that maybe organise your own?

I play Small World, but I am a more avid player of memoir 44 where there are several online tournaments to compete in. All organized by enthusiastic players like yourself.

Your format of wanting 16 or 32 players with a rating of above 1700 (or even 1750) seems doomed to fail in my opinion. There is only a very select group of about 50 players who manage that. And probably a lot of those 50 wouldn't be able to or want to play in a tournament. Also you are excluding more than 900 other players who might like to join.

I feel based on my experience with M44, that tournaments tend to draw the better players of a game who like stiff competition.

I don't know how accurate the score is of Small World, I do know the score system used in M44 can cause your score to fluctuate madly over games. Also there are players who play more on the board than online who are formidable opponents despite a low ranking on-line. And I think looking at the list that playing more (t a decent level) gives you a higher ranking. This might be because you are getting better at it, but it might also be that more games rack up more points.

If I read your post correctly you would like to compete one on one for the tournament. I myself would then not compete. I feel Small World is agate best enjoyed with at least four player preferably more. Te game is about mayhem and destruction and too many races filling a too Small World. Which comes out best with many people on one board.

But other people might enjoy that very much, to each their ow way of enjoying Small World.

Good luck in your efforts much succes in the gam and remember to have fun! Cool