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Forum: Memoir '44 Online - English
 Thema: Stalingrad North, Rattenkrieg
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Re:Stalingrad North, Rattenkrieg Tue, 21 April 2015 00:53
Twisted Evil Not sure if this counts as playing against a live opponent? I invited Pedroas to a single battle as I was crunched for time. I was Russkies and looked to be headed for a bad whipping after he played TFH twice. But I had to withdraw from game before we could finish. Our computers were sluggish and I had an appointment elsewhere. Looks like my rusty skills are showing. Definitely want to try a few more rounds. How much more time before you swap this one out?
 Thema: New Online tournament ... taking signups
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Re:New Online tournament ... taking signups Tue, 21 April 2015 02:27
gonzalan wrote on Mon, 20 April 2015 14:12

Ah, had no idea Pat Benatar's song of the same name was a remake of a French Classic!! Surprised

Remember the next line of the song: "Fire away!"
 Thema: [spoiler alert] Promotion requirements cadet through to Brigadier
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Re:[spoiler alert] Promotion requirements cadet through to Brigadier Tue, 21 April 2015 08:22
Hmm, so the general puzzle continues. I just did some quick analysis on Margaery Tyrell's numbers (promoted yesterday) since his/her colonel promotion was easily found on page 1 of the 2014 stats, and an impressive 880 regular games indicates some promising data. So there is no strict requirement to win 50 games in each front since he only won 30 in the east:

Front Side Wins-Loses
eastern Allies 12-13
eastern Axis 18-8; or 30 wins in the east;
med Allies 37-45
med Axis 88-19 or 125 (!) wins in the med;
pacific Allies 22-14
pacific Axis 14-17 or 36 wins in the pac;
western Allies 28-16
western Axis 24-23 or 52 wins in the west;
totals: 243-155 so 398 regular games played

And it looks like he only played some 160 expert games--many against Johnny, so that's consistent with games against the computer counting.

Thus I am not hopeful that my upcoming 50 wins in the east will be the key since that is not a requirement. I guess I will have to delve into some ranking issues as I did keep track of the ranks of people that I played. In addition maybe checking the total number of different scenarios played. I still don't think it's an expert issue with me as I've played a ton of those.

Seems like we are close to figuring something out though...

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