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 Thema: Western Front Tournament Results
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Re:Western Front Tournament Results Mon, 24 November 2014 01:42
I finally got to meet Frederik in the battlefield and boy, it was a hell of a fight! But the allies prevailed!

Relief of Bastogne
Vercingetorix1302 (axis) 6-9 clorofila (allies) 155219

Match stats: Vercingetorix1302 27 figures won, 63 dice rolled, 43% hit rate. clorofila 34 figures won, 63 dice, 54% hit rate. 30 turns over 38 minutes of fighting.

Frederik started rolling some excruciating dice which, together with his skill and good understanding of the scenario, led to his advantage of 6-2 by turn 15. At this point my hope was so dim... But then luck changed for both his dice and cards and I started building up my medal count. In Frederik's 3 last turns he commanded only 3 units.

I also won the rematch (8-9!) in another very tense game that could have easily went Frederik's way. But again, cards failed him in the final rounds.
Thank you buddy for 2 great games!

I'm not a particular fan of scenarios involving several objective medals, as that may lead to a late game where the player in disadvantage has fewer options for a comeback, because of the multiple options for medal grab by his opponent. But these games were very exciting! So, as Eric has being doing consistently, this was another great scenario that came out of his imagination for our own personal amusement! Thank you mate.