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 Thema: July 18 tournament Houston
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August 2009
July 18 tournament Houston Sat, 01 August 2015 06:02
Houston’s Asgard Games hosted the July 18 tournament that featured scenarios from the 2014 WBC, Pegasus Bridge, Sainte-Mere-Eglise and Sword Beach. A nice selection of British, Americans and Canadians against the Axis allowing the contestants to peruse the scenario notes, which most designers hope you do, and compare the map to the movie The Longest Day. The scenarios were a great group to get to play. Many may recognize Asgard Games for having one of the strongest group of War Machine players in the world. Saturday was Memoir 44 however; and Matthew Lee was declared the winner after going undefeated for three rounds, defeating his brother Brandon 11-10 in the Sword Beach scenario. There was going to be a championship round but one of the qualifiers had to leave and the rest of the field unanimously voted to declare the champion and reconvene at Kenny and Ziggy’s restaurant. A sensible decision. The JKP Group’s next tournament will be at Ettin Games in Humble, Texas Saturday, August 8 and will feature scenarios from the Eastern Front expansion.
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 Thema: Port 9598
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April 2014
Port 9598 Sat, 01 August 2015 01:45

J ai désactivé le port du pare-feu Windows 8 et sur McAfee mais le message port bloqué apparaît toujours.

Comment faire pour jouer ??