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 Thema: I am a heel. M44-ers are so friendly!
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May 2014
  I am a heel. M44-ers are so friendly! Fri, 25 July 2014 03:21
I need to apologize to the friendly players who greeted/invited me online today...and heard only silence in return. Hopefully, a mea culpa is not an inappropriate use of the forum.

I made the mistake of not logging off or going invisible. Was playing a game against my kid when my bathroom contractor came to the door. Got caught up on the details of the punch list and a robot took over my side, much to my kid's dismay. He does NOT want to play a robot; would much rather decimate is ole mom.

Then the phone rang and dinner needed to be made. (This is so my life!)

Was embarrassed when I went back and saw I was still visible!

I hope docsteve, player1608594, and tank commander see this.
Docsteve: would definitely have taken you up on your offer of Operation Cobra. sigh. You played my son recently when I was teaming up on his account. We had a great time.
player1608594: you're the first person to "ring". Sorry I wasn't there to answer.
tank commander: Hi, back at you. Thanks for remembering me from the New players post.