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Ticket to Ride Maps Activation for Humble Bundle Users

Welcome Humble Bundle user!

Non-Steam users: here you can activate your extra maps on your Days of Wonder account, and enjoy them on your Android device and/or your DRM-free game. This is accomplished in this page by using the Steam keys that you received in your Humble Bundle - but without installing Steam!

Steam users: you don't need to do this - you should use your Steam keys directly in Steam instead. This will also unlock the map(s) on your Android device. Just make sure you use the same Days of Wonder account everywhere, of course.

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In Ticket to Ride, go to the Station and visit the Mechanics' room (the Settings). Your Login Name is displayed in the upper right corner. You can also use the "Edit my Profile" button in that screen to go our Web site and be connected automatically. From there, you can set your password, change your Login Name, choose an Avatar, etc.