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UEG Mudda
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October 2004
Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Mon, 23 August 2010 22:56
Erwin Decker (famous BILD spot reporter): Hello Sir, nice to have You here for an interview...

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf ... I mean please hurry, I need to go practice for NC!

ED: But Mudda, you have been #1 seven days ago the last time, dont you get enough?

UEG Mudda: its all about studying your opponents...

ED: Studying? There are rumours that you are using a huge Excel Sheet with results of games versus all your opponents since 2004!?

UEG Mudda: Yes.

ED: How much time did it take you to create it?

UEG Mudda: Double the time the playing takes...

ED: Jesus, another question - "captain" Mudda of UEG?! What about GTS?!

UEG Mudda: GTS is dead, long live GTS.

ED: I guess there are dozens of players around that dont even know the legendary GTS team?! Mudda, take a guess on the final result of NC 2010 please.

UEG Mudda: 1. UEG 2. AT 3. Team DOPE Razz

ED: What about this permission application in direction Team AT?!

UEG Mudda: Those who release a wave might gather the hurricane...

ED: You are frightening me, my friend!

UEG Mudda: I am picking my friends!!!

ED: Well thx for the first interview and have fun during NC 2010!

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf! be continued...
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September 2005
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Wed, 25 August 2010 21:11
Masimo's quest for a new NC TD

Masimo: Hey Sir, would you like to be TD of the upcoming NC?
Possible NC TD #1: No thanks, don't feel like running after players who don't meet their deadlines.

Mas: What about you, Miss - would you be so kind to feature as TD?
PNCTD#2: Me? So, sorry, I don't think I can take the decisions needed when somebody doesn't play his matches.

Mas: Sweet Lady - it would be such a pleasure to have YOU as TD - would you?
PNCTD#3: No way, too many rude and non cooperative players out there.

Mas: Dearest, most respected Sir, would you ...
PNCTD#4: Forget it

Mas: Sir, may I kindly ask ...
PNCTD#5: ... if I want to be NC TD? Absolutely! Finally you ask the right person
Mas: Oufff ... great!
So ... Mudda asked me to ask you whether you accept his registration
PNCTD#5: Sure, the guy's cool.
Why are you even asking such a question?
Mas: Well, there was an issue ... was it League? or FED cup? ... don't remember ... where he didn't play all his matches, and some strange TD didn't like that.
PNCTD#5: What? Hey, actions like that are fun! Events are so boring and predictable if nothing special happens.
And well, if you are fed up (is that why they call it fed cup? hahaha) why not show it?
Mas: Hmmm, some people say it may create problems to determine the final ranking if somebody drops out mid season
PNCTD#5: Bogus - these TDs just don't have a clue how to draft proper rules to cope with it.
Mas: So you have a good solution for such cases?
PNCTD#5: Absolutely. You see - if you can frustrate your opponent sufficiently to make him withdraw, that's a big achievement and should be honoured accordingly.
Mas: ???
PNCTD#5: My rules:
If your opponent resigns after your match: + 5 points
If your opponent doesn't resign after your match but later on: -1 point (he resigns later on, so it's doable - but you simply weren't good enough)
If you never played this opponent: 0 points
Easy & fair - right?
Mas: Hmmm, well, luckily in NC that's not relvant as it is a team competition
PNCTD#5: Why not? Let's spice up NC!
If you manage, that a captain resigns as captain: +3 points (that's not so hard, we saw it already - and yes, you can earn these points for your own team, too)
If a captain resigns as captain and player: + 5 points
If a captain withdraws his team: + 10 points
Wowowooooooooooooow here we go - would you please post that I shall be TD so I can post the amendment to the rules?
Mas: Errrrr, well ... you know, I already received many applications for this job. So it will take some time to decide whom to choose. I'll get back to to you, thanks.
onyx puffin MAD
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January 2005
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Thu, 26 August 2010 06:39
Erwin Decker (famous BILD spot reporter): Well, I am thrilled to get a second interview for this wonderful Nation's Cup, and another Captain to boot.

onyx puffin AMD: Well I am not nearly as famous as your first interview. Mudda was a coup for you.

ED: Well I understand you are famous for a different reason. I understand you have the record for the most matches lost during NC play?

onyx puffin AMD: What!?! That's not true. At least, I don't think it's true.

ED: I overheard someone say you had not won a match in NC, and you have been here since the beginning.

onyx puffin AMD: You must have overheard the conversation WRONG. There was ONE year when I did not win a match, and had the most losses that year. But I have won matches in the other years.

ED: I am sorry then. Do you happen to know who does hold the record for most losses in NC play?

onyx puffin AMD: No, I don't! But then again, maybe I don't want to know! Mad Can we move on to another subject? I don't like the direction of this interview.

ED: OK, let me ask you similar questions as Mudda answered. Do you need to practice for NC?

onyx puffin AMD: Well, in theory I need to practice, but most people know I love playing multis much more than 2 player. And I do not plan to play many matches this year, not with the wonderful team we have assembled.

ED: You think AMD can do well this year?

onyx puffin AMD: Absolutely.

ED: Care to do as Mudda did and , take a guess on the final result of NC 2010?.

onyx puffin AMD: Predicting is not something I do well. I cannot tell you how many times I have predicted my opponents tickets and been wrong. But sure why not a guess. I'll take AMD for first, TheTeam, for second, and Team Dope for third. Laughing

ED: But that is all the American teams?!

onyx puffin AMD: Told you I was not good at predicting, but I do as Mudda said and pick my friends.

Well, thanks for being my second interview and have fun during NC 2010!

onyx puffin AMD: You are welcome, and listen if you find during your interviews anyone who wants to play a multi, send them my way. For once this NC thing starts, I cannot find many who do. But I am one of them.
UEG Mudda
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T2R Nation Cup 2009 Winner

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October 2004
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Sat, 28 August 2010 14:01
Erwin Decker: Glad to have you back boy!

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf ...

ED: Nations Cup on the one side Champions League on the other, what is your oppinion about your group?

UEG Mudda: Well, honestly we have to say that theres only one really experienced CL group member that might be a favourite...

ED: Olllll.....

UEG Mudda: Magic Magath will be inspired and find a solution versus the frenchies Twisted Evil

ED: BILD informers found out, you invited the frenchies to Gelsenkirchen!?

UEG Mudda: Yeah, most likely - but only cause of one reason: i want the "real life check" if Deveric, Kotay, foudecoasters, davidb9, TT and Elric are not the same person... Very Happy

ED: Question

UEG Mudda: Womble is rich as we all know - she engaged a lobby spion for the time TT spends in Essen, if he plays and same time cheers for Lyon the WHOLE TGV is a CHEATER GANG!

ED: Mudda, please explain it!

UEG Mudda: just kiddin...

ED: The lobby wants to know more!

UEG Mudda: Will there be the first meeting between a TGV and a GTS ehhhhhhhhh UEG?

ED: We hope... will you report?

UEG Mudda: You bet, ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKE! be continued...
Elric - Sancerre
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Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Sat, 28 August 2010 15:02
Btw, Mudda, I'm sorry for the uppercase words I wrote in the lobby the other day... Good luck in NC and have fun !
Sysyphus - Pommard
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December 2007
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Sat, 28 August 2010 17:31
Muddaihrsohn écrit le Sat, 28 August 2010 06:01


UEG Mudda: Will there be the first meeting between a TGV and a GTS ehhhhhhhhh UEG?

I've already met Sven : does that count Razz ?
foudecoasters - Cerdon
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March 2007
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Sat, 28 August 2010 17:36
Muddaihrsohn écrit le Sat, 28 August 2010 14:01


I agree with you mudda ! TATATAMMM Olympique de Marseille !

but i can't be Elric ! i'm too young for that !
Very Happy Cool

[Updated on: Sat, 28 August 2010 17:38]

UEG Mudda
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T2R Nation Cup 2009 Winner

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October 2004
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Thu, 09 September 2010 18:03
Erwin Decker: Ihrsohn - all good?!

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf ... I mean sure!

ED: As your will for hidden cards in NC games wasnt really taken serious what is your team planing to do?

UEG Mudda: I already said, we will uncover you CHEATAAAAAAAAAAARS!

ED: You frighten me Ihrsohn...

UEG Mudda: No need... we surely know that our games are observed of a high number of players, no matter what Mas is predicting!

ED: The relation between you and Mas - and he is still our TD and master of organisation - froze?!

UEG Mudda: I have nough respects for him and all the players should be thankful for his cool engagements and planings but i never let a dog pee my legs without kickin his ass afterwards. I hope meanwhile he knows why some things "happened" in the past.

ED: Another topic. The RED TGV!

UEG Mudda: Underrated like never before, we waited for a reactivation of beloved Kotay to increase their strength but he didnt show up. Strong team in NC, one of my favourites but sorry - I gotta tell - Lyon will lose on tuesday!

ED: Lyon?! Isnt that in the Netherlands?

UEG Mudda: No dumbass. St. Patterson is in Cheese-Country. Reforced by newbees I like that team!

ED: The Dutchees?

UEG Mudda: Believe me, they reach minimum the halffinals, then their tourney is over versus UEG or latest in finals versus Catalunya - the Dutchees know these weaknesses in finals very well...

ED: Thanks for another interview Ihrsohn...

UEG Mudda: Simply call me Lord M !

ED: The NC is about to start...

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf! be continued...
UEG Mudda
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T2R Nation Cup 2009 Winner

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October 2004
Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Fri, 01 October 2010 01:23
Erwin Decker: *releases his earphones*

UEG Mudda: Yo, hf ... this was loud in the lobby today dontcha think?

ED: What was the trouble about?

UEG Mudda: I think thekid wanted to forbid RFAD to write articles in the forum and practice the game...

ED: You think so?!

UEG Mudda: RFAD has more comments than games, last who did this was ERPS! Laughing

ED: Or did RFAD wanted to force kid to play bowling instead of T2R?!

UEG Mudda: We all know Joe has different abilities but shamogi wouldnt allow that!

ED: Another topic. NC, running good?

UEG Mudda: Well... yes!

ED: Chris, hows it going?

UEG Chrismmm: .

ED: Chris?!

UEG Chrismmm: .

ED: Mudda, what the hell?

UEG Goscha: Its always the same with him, dont disturb him while thinking... please!

ED: I see! Schwen, hows your diploma running?

UEG Schwen: You ask me?! I didnt have any lokos and wrong colours and the destinations were...

UEG Mudda: I didnt have lokos neither!!!

UEG Volleytom: Ne fais pas à autrui ce que tu...

UEG Mudda: STOP THIS FRENCH CRAP! Cant stand it!!! be continued...
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Re:Nations Cup 2010 - the interviews... read! Fri, 01 October 2010 19:53
Nice one ...
Seems the captain knows the nature of his teammates. Cool
Keep going!
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