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NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 20:43
Let's keep the idea alive
Other contributors wanted (before we start missing Mudda Rolling Eyes)

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TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 20:50
perhaps I better had copied my 3 interviews here. For people interested, look in the registration thread Smile

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TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 20:54
OK, after talking to dea, we copy the interviews in this thread Smile

TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 20:55
09. of septembre 2012

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: "Hey Kasi, hi Will, nice to have u here!"
TENNISKASI: "Nice to be here, thx."
WILL: "Hi, why did it take that long to invite me to this interview?"
SI: "Sorry?"
WILL: "Thought u would call earlier to interview the best TTR-Player!"
SI: "Whom?"
TK: "Don't listen to him!"
SI: "Ok Kasi, did u enjoy the year being Captain of the Nations-Cup-Winner?"
TK: " Well, nothing really changed, TTR stays a game for a small community. Nobody recognizes us players on the street."
WILL: "HA! I'm well known in UK, I'm a star there!"
SI: "Really? Who?"
WILL: "My whole familiy, my neighbours, the employees of the local mental home for example."
SI: "Ah ok....Kasi, will u whistle-blow us, if u try to defend ur title?"
TK: "Well we didn't register, cause some of us had to stop celebrating the last years title to be able to answer. And there are always great players, who know, that it's best to end the career being on the top!"
WILL (hopefully): "Does Felix stop playing?"
TK: "No, sorry Will!"
WILL: "Shit!"
SI: " Will u have the same team again? Who ended his career?"
TK: "TuS Mnemosyne just wanna be spectator this year, but all the others try to defend the title."
SI: "Uppss, Mio is one of the senior players, she was part of the team TRB too."
TK: " Yes, I tried to change her mind and gave her all the time, she needed, but she didn't wanna play this year. I hope it's just a break."
WILL: "I would agree, if she gets Felix position, no problem, if registration-time is over."
SI: "What about a british team this year, Will?
WILL: "Well, I'm working on it. I have to find british forfathers for Vincent and Kostassss, but till now, I didn't have success. I try to adopt them both, but time is running Sad."
SI: "Difficult! What are ur ambitions for this years Nations-Cup?"
Will: "Well, we wanna be better than last year, although we have been nearly perfect there. Kasi, Felix plays? Sure?"
TK: "Yes he will definitely play. Our ambitions are..."
WILL: "Which slot will u position Felix?"
TK: "Stay cool Will, we don't know our groups yet. Our ambitions are the same as last..."
WILL: "But IF! Which position in the line-ups..?"
SI: "U don't wanna play him again, Will?"
WILL: "Sure I want! I'm much stronger than him, he only had luck!"
SI: "Really? We saw these lists with the best TTR-Players ever, he is always TOP 5, we didn't find ur name really often!"
WILL: "Who voted for these lists? Nobody with enough skills to beat me in a bo19!"
TK: "Upps, I know some players, who would gladly show you your limits. Ask dea for example, she is someone for those marathon-games. But back to our ambitions. We wanna have fun again. We had so much luck last year, if I had lost my last game in round robin, we wouldn't have reached the ko. CAT was 2:1 in front, we won our last 2 games 4:3. And also the final, I win the deciding game against Kostassss with 1 point. U cannot plan the NC-Victory."
SI: "So what about ur teams this year?"
WILL: "Well, I'm waiting for the adoption, u know. Kasi, which slot..?"
TK: "NO!"
WILL: "Will he be on holidays the next weeks?"
TK: "Following players are part..."
WILL: "The board personal of Lufthansa is striking, so is he at all allowed to play?"
TK: "SHUT UP WILL! Our team is the following:

Team und Spassssssssss

...s1 TuS Tenniskasi (Cap and BR) ID-117146
....s2 TuS Sookie ID-384478
.....s3 TuS ThoMue1982 ID-48598
......s4 TuS Black-Is-Back ID-346936
.......s5 TuS Mnemosyme ID-271902
........s6 TuS yaelka ID-134916
.........s7 TuS Ur-Spock ID-89876
..........s8 TuS Ramses64 ID-348345
...........s9 TuS Rocketblizzard ID-130485
............s10 TuS White Train ID-52265


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TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 21:03
14. of septembre 2012


Interview with the TuSsen-Captain
SI: Hi Carsten, where is your friend today?
TK: Hi...which friend?
SI: Will!
TK: Oh, äh, you mean him, I don't know.
SI: Is it a rumour or a fact, that he plays this years NC?
TK: I don't know, why do you ask me?
SI: U played Champions League together.
TK: Oh, yes, we did, but there is no contact anymore.
SI: No contact? Thought u want to announce, that he comes back?
TK: Will?
SI: Yes!
TK: No!
SI: But we heard u wanted to announce, that a great player of NC still wants to play NC now?

Ring, Ring, Ring
SI: Oh, wait a second Kasi, the phone....Sports illustrated, who is there?
SI: Oh hi Will!
SI: Yes, Kasi is here.
SI: Kasi he wants to know, if Felix reeeaaaally plays!
TK: Yes!
SI: Kasi said Yes, Will.
SI: Ah...THATS the reason why you don't play NC this year?
TK: Really? Fear for Felix?
SI: He says no, but it seems like that.
TK: Ok, Will, I promise you not to advance Felix against your team, would it change anything? Would you come back?
SI: Wait, I switch on the loud-speaker!
TK: Hi Will I promise not to advance Felix against your team, if you promise to come back and make wonderful pictures from us players Smile.
Will: Ok, I think about it.
TK: Would be nice to have you back, Will.
Will: No Felix?
TK: Not against your team!
Will: Ok, I think about it.
Will: I knew you all would miss me!, CU
SI: Wow, Will plays NC?
TK: I do not think so!
SI: No?
TK: No, but that was not the reason why I am here!
SI: But why?
TK: I'm here cause I want to announce, that all 10 TuSsen wants to defend the title.
SI: That means TuS Mnemosyne comes back?
TK: Yes. We will have exact the same players, who won the Cup last year. And for me its a great satisfaction to do.
SI: Nice to hear that.
TK: I think, these news are a special edition worth.
SI: Yes! We make one, and I promise, we make another, if Will comes back.

Welcome back TuS Mnemosyne
TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 21:05
19. of septembre 2012

TK: Hi, Tenniskasi here!
Sports Illustrated: Sports Illustrated here, hi Kasi.
TK: Ah, you want a new interview?
SI: No, you are not interesting anymore.
TK: Oh... Crying or Very Sad
SI: But we need an answer from you, to get another player to an interview?
TK: Hä?
SI: I hope, u dont misunderstand....
TK: What?
SI: He only gives us an interview if u promise to keep your promise?
TK: Which promise?
SI: About Felix...

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy WELCOME BACK "SKYFALL" Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Re:NC Interviews Wed, 10 October 2012 21:06
After many days of anxiously looking at the silent phone, Kasi eventually got another call ...

SI: Hello, here's Sports Illustrated once again, we didn't hear from you for a while
TK: That's probably because YOU DIDN'T CALL ME
SI: oops, errrrr, eeeeemmmm, OK, some questions
TK: pleeeeeeeeeeease
SI: What do you think about Will's upcoming marathon vs Peter? Gonna watch it?
TK: Marathon? Hmmm... 51 games (or maybe only 26) is a little moderate, isn't it? I guess Will just takes that as a warmup before he dares to address some real marathon specialists. I'd rather wait to watch the real event.
btw - why do I always have to talk about Will?
SI: Because ... ok, let's not go into detail here ... shall we talk about ...
TK: ... me?
SI: Sure, that's exactly what we intended (cough) ... so ... your only NC performance so far was against ... ah yes, AT. We would have expected you to play dea, how come you didn't?
TK: You know, during the last years I saw a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a witch doctor, trying to overcome the curse of Austrian ladies - they found no means to make me win against those, so I decided to try for something different
SI: So you took on their best player and managed a tie
TK: Yes, hoped I could win that, but actually I'm quite happy with the tie. You should have seen Angel play - so much female logic in his play (the influence of their captain must be terribly high), it was really hard to understand his moves.
SI: What about Felix, btw? You promised not to put him in the lineup against .. oops, you know who ... but ...oops... is in a different group???
TK: I won't let him play very often. You see, I checked the nominations for the Fantasy game. And - unbelievable but true - Felix was picked by tons of people, while almost nobody picked me (thx ommie). So I'm gonna teach these people a lesson, no easy fantasy points for you ... grrrrrrrrr ...
SI: Ah, all about strategy, we understand - thx Kasi for yet another informative interview
TK: You're welcome. And of course you can always call again ... tomorrow?
onyx puffin
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Re:NC Interviews Thu, 11 October 2012 04:57
Well Ticket To Ride fans, I was shocked to have been contacted by Sports Illustrated Investigative reporter David Epstein, yesterday. Word had come to him that I was captaining an American team in something called the Nation's Cup. He wanted to know if I would answer some questions. Of course I consented; but wow did he zing me at the end.

After asking me some soft questions like how it felt to be captain, and why in the world was I captaining a team that had players from way across the country from where I live. He started getting a little tougher:

SI: How it was your team has one player who used to be on a top team from France?
OP: Well, we are fortunate that particular member, married one of our excellent star American players and so now plays for our team as the rules allow.

SI: I see. Are you sure all is on the up and up with those French teams?

OP Of course. They are great people there.

SI: Ah yes, but perhaps you are too trusting. An investigative journalist like me has found a question that needs to be answered or at least investigated.

OP: Oh my! What is it?

SI Well I read that: Ticket to Ride is a railway-themed German-style board game designed by Alan R. Moon and published in 2004 by Days of Wonder. The game is also known as Zug um Zug (German), Les Aventuriers du Rail (French), Aventureros al Tren (Spanish), Wsiąść do pociągu (Polish), and Menolippu (Finnish). The game won the 2004 Spiel des Jahres, the Origins Award for Best Board Game of 2004, the 2005 Diana Jones award, the 2005 As d'Or Jeu de l'année, and placed second in the Schweizer Spielepreis for Family Games.[1] Ticket to Ride: Europe won the 2005 International Gamers Award.

OP: Makes sense to me that is why I got the game for Christmas 2004, and began playing on-line in 2005.

SI: Yes and it is why I contacted you as one of the players who has been here a long time. BUT here Is the issue with one of those French players. How is it possible that MaximouR Ginglet can be playing in such a game format when it says in the FORUM of your game that he registered for the game in May 2003?!!!!!

OP Um. Um. Ummmm

SI: Aha! I knew you would not know. You need to be an investigate journalist like me to find this out.

OP: I will have to find out about this.

SI: Well you do that, and report back. Meanwhile, tell that kasi fellow that we are watching him as well. And sometime soon, I may do an investigative story on the real issues behind the Will, kasi, truckerteller, & Peter de Zeeuw conflicts.

OP: Oh please do, they are driving some of us nuts. I mean it was funny at first but now...

SI: Exactly. I was even thinking do an investigative article called: Humor Derailed or When Humor Gets Off Track. But perhaps such puns would be lost on those folks.

OP: Well, I will look into that 2003 thing. But I must get to work.

SI: Oh I know that answer. But you look into it. I will call you again later.

He has not called back, but I will research. Or maybe MaximourR will be interviewed.

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Re:NC Interviews Tue, 16 October 2012 00:41
Yesterday the famous TIC-team-manager got a call from "Sports Illustrated":

SI: Dear Mister TIC, did you read the latest news? Will and Peter want to play a ttr-marathon.

Hecki: Oh, wow, sounds cool.

SI: 51 games.

Hecki: Har har har har.

SI: What do you mean?

Hecki: They call 51 games a marathon? 51 games? Har har har har.

SI: 51 games are possible - it is a Best-of-26.

Hecki: Har har har har har. In the good old times, when ttr was a game for cool guys with nerves of steal Dea, Angel, U32 and me played a 24-hours-nonstop-competition. At least we made 182 games in 24 hours. And they call 26-51 games a marathon? Har har har har har. You're sure you are from "Sports Illustrated" - and not from "Grandfathers Illustrated"?
onyx puffin
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Re:NC Interviews Fri, 26 October 2012 18:29
Well Ticket To Ride fans, I have again been contacted by Sports Illustrated Investigative reporter David Epstein. He wanted to ask me about what I had learned on the previous question of a few weeks ago, and about a rumor he had heard. Here is the exchange:

SI: I see your team is doing okay in NC so far. Good luck into the future.
OP: Thanks for that. I personally have not done well, but I have quite a team.

SI: I see. What have you learned about how MaximouR Ginglet can be playing in a game invented in 2004 when it says in the FORUM of your game that he registered for the game in May 2003?

OP Well, Max never replied directly, but my teammates and I discussed it, and we think days of wonder had a site in 2003, and Max probably signed in when the site first went up, probably back in 2003. Is that right?

SI: Hmmm, a good theory. You need to speak with Maximour to confirm this.

OP: Ok I will try. Now what is this rumor you have heard?

SI: Ah, Yes. Someone has said that team UEG must be on steroids with their oversized scores by their players! Care to comment on that?!

OP What?!! Um. Um. Ummmm

SI: Aha! Your hesitation in answering makes me think this could be true.

OP: My hesitation in answering is due to how the question caught me off guard.

SI: Well, when we heard this rumor, someone said to us, think this through: they have big scores, they have big egos, and big heads. So logical conclusion is steroids.

OP: What?! No. They have big scores, yes. But they are that good! And I don't think they have big egos, they are nice and graceful when they beat me. And I have no idea about the size of their heads. So I think it is ridiculous to think they are on steroids.

SI: So you admit steroids would help though?

OP: Well, NO! How could steroids help? That is a ridiculous rumor probably started by someone jealous that they are the only undefeated team.

SI: Oh. So there is jealousy among the Nation's Cup participants?

OP: What?! No. Well, yes. Well, I don't know. You have me quite flustered. Let me be clear: I am willing to say I do not believe the rumor that UEG members are on steroids.

SI: All right, but we are watching this situation. Perhaps the TD needs to have them go pee in cup.

OP: How could we do that? We are all over the world! And where would the money come from for the testing lab.

SI: Oh. So there is no way to know. I think I have enough information now. Thanks for the interview. (click)

OP: Wait! Come back. Oh boy. Hope this doesn't get out. maybe I better inform the community before it is skewed by that reporter.

Sometimes it is tough being interviewed. Others need to report here if they have been contacted.

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Re:NC Interviews Sat, 27 October 2012 00:29
David Epstein didnt accuse me of taking performance enhancers, but rang me to see if I had undergone female hormone treatment and a sex change operation?!

I said: Honey, I can't take you seriously in those horrid shoes! They dont match your belt...
Epstein: I'll take my belt off then babe...

Well I can't repeat anything else that was said, but it was an interesting evening. I pumped him for information about what number Felix would play in the TuS team if we met, but he never replied because his mouth was always busy...

Really, does he play?
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Re:NC Interviews Tue, 06 November 2012 12:22
no more interviews?

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Re:NC Interviews Tue, 20 November 2012 11:49
Ring Ring Ring Ring

Kasi: Hello?
SI: Hi Carsten, have you read today's SI? What are your responses to such findings?
Kasi: I haven't read it!
SI: Wow you're in for a shock! We were surprised to see TuS 2-0 down in the qualifiers for the quarter finals. We sent a secret agent to investigate why there were failings in the German camp as the hopes of your nation were dramatically declining.
Kasi: Huh, I'm hungover, hold on...
No Michelle, you and Tiffany both have great figures, I couldnt choose between them! Sorry, you were saying?
SI: The truth is out! Will might not have to play Felix! I'll fax you a copy over. If you could respond to the allegations I would be grateful
Kasi: Ok I will... Speak later.

fax machine goes...

Kasi: Oh dear... I better release a statement. Tough to defend against photographic proof...
TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:NC Interviews Mon, 26 November 2012 17:20

TK: Hi, Tenniskasi here!
Sports Illustrated: Sports Illustrated here, hi Kasi.
TK: Hi!
SI: What do u say about Wills Interview?
TK: No comment!
SI: No comment? So shy?
TK: Grmpf!
SI: Ok, there are some rumours here, are they correct?
TK: Which?
SI: U haven't been on the Oktoberfest!
TK: No comment!
SI: Someone told us, big black cars were seen in front of your house the last days, is that correct?
TK: Grmpf!
SI: So the rumours are correct? One neighbour, who wanted to stay anonymous, told about english speaking guys in black suits and black sunglasses.
TK: Did he?
SI: Why didn't u play against OLE?
TK: No comment!
SI: Was somebody interested to not let u reach next round?
TK: Of course! OLE was!
SI: We mean someone else!
TK: Whom?
SI: Well, let me guess, theres just ONE team in the competition, to which these hints lead.
TK: I have a wife and children!!!!
SI: Oh God!!!! Did they really went this far?
TK: OK! They set me under pressure since my first interview! They wanted to know Felix adress, but we managed to hide him in the mountains of Nepal, from where he played against Pete. He would have had been able to live there for 3 weeks! But they made ME absolutely clear, that I cannot play this round. The others were playing under shock against strong opps. Now they have, what they wanted. No match between Felix and the british cartoonist.
SI: Names, Kasi!
TK: Are u really that stupid? Read the names of the NC-Players! They didn't try to hide well!
SI: Ok! Understood! How are u now?
TK: The black cars are gone. Nothing else is interesting for me at the moment! I heard them talking about a journey to spain!
SI: Really????? That explains something. I have to write this, cu Kasi!


Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Re:NC Interviews Mon, 26 November 2012 22:58

Girl's voice: Hello
SI: Hi, can I speak to Carsten please?
Girl: Carsten honey? can you come to the phone?

In the background...
Tiffany, can you unlock the handcuffs please and get the phone from Michelle? And pass me my pants.

SI: Carsten are you there?
Kasi: Hi David, what's up?
SI: Who are Tiffany and Michelle? Are they the two girls from Oktoberfest that you were caught with?
Kasi: Erm... Well...
SI: I won't judge, well not in a bad way! High-five from me buddy!
Kasi: OK they are...
SI: I knew it! Fortunately for you, a very influential individual has stopped me from printing any more derogatory comments about TuS. He said that you were proven to be feeble in comparison to SNS and wants you to be back at the top of your game for CL.
Kasi: What?! Will is the 'influential' person with contacts high up?
SI: I never said that...
Kasi: It's him, the *BIP*. He's been distracting the Germans, sending undercover agents into the secret TuS training camp to take notes on our tactics. I thought the gentleman in a dinner jacket smoking a pipe reading the Telegraph newspaper was suspicious.
SI: I cannot comment on whether Will is indeed behind what you're accusing, but are you still to play the CL with him?
Kasi: I'll have to, it's the only way I will ever win anything again. He's too strong for me.
SI: Agreed, he could crush you
Kasi: Yes, I don't want to end up in a mess like Peter de Zeeuw.
SI: Well it's good to hear team ACE will reappear. People will be more afraid of that acronym than TuS...
Kasi: Well they may still fear the TuS name, but it needs to be followed by the name 'White Train'
SI: By the way, Will wanted to know, if you had met, which number does Felix play?

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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