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Last is dead tournament Sun, 10 February 2013 10:24
I'd like to submit again (read it before, but I do not remeber who wrote about that) the idea of a "Last is dead" like tournament.

The idea would be 25 players, playing first by group of 5 then final group of five the following:
- 5er, the fifth is eliminated
- 4er, the 4th is eliminated
- 3er, the 3rd is eliminated
- 2er, the winner moves to final...

Well, simple idea. But seems seducing to me, with all sorts of games, and probably nasty blocks (yummy) to anticipate.

What do you guys think ?
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Re:Last is dead tournament Sun, 10 February 2013 14:23
Good idea, but please wait with that tournament (now we have us and eu league and fusion cup)! Smile
BTB Sysyphus
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Survivor Sun, 10 February 2013 17:12
Please mention the name of the creator of the tourney before he gets out of his den !

Last edition of surivor last year

First edition of survivor

with one of the best post that can be found in the forum

Only a couple hours is necessary to play that tournament. Any night should work.
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Re:Survivor Mon, 11 February 2013 21:39
This would be fun!

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