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Definition and promotion of an etiquette (TTR online and tournament games) Fri, 20 June 2014 02:45
We've always had some kind of etiquette between competitive players but we've never been able to define it properly nor have we been able to promote them to non-competitive players.
If we want to reach more non-competitive players, it's time to be more inclusive and to show more pedagogy.
Etiquette does not aim at solving every problem. But at favoring respectful and sportsmanlike behaviors.
I tried to keep it as short and as simple as possible.

Feel free to comment on them, to make suggestions or to offer better wordings.

General etiquette for 1500+ games online.
1. A competitive player has to contribute to the players' atmosphere by respecting the etiquette. Competitive players are encouraged to explain and promote the etiquette to non-competitive players.
2. Promote trust and high level of camaraderie by being courteous and by using appropriate vocabulary.
3. Solve your personal issues with another player by pm.

In case of a bot
4. When a competitive player is replaced by a bot in a casual game, every player should leave the game by default. You can still get your ranking points later in another game.
5. If the player is unknown or new, inform the player about the etiquette in the lobby or via pm before ignoring him. If a player repeatedly plays against a bot on purpose, use your ignore list and report the situation to the board who will handle the issue.

6. Set up reasonable requirements for casual games. 1600+ will guarantee a quality game, no need to go beyond that. A 1500+ requirement will give potential future competitive players a chance to face the highest level of play. Be inclusive whenever it's possible.
7. Before kicking a non-competitive player out of your game, take some time to explain score requirements. Not every player is aware of the competitive language.
8. By joining a 1500+ game, you will likely face a block at some point. Block is a valid strategy to win a game and is part of the game. This may also occur in multis when two players find an interest in doing so.

9. To encourage a team-block in a multi-game is not allowed.
To complain about your present or past game is unnecessary and alters the fun purpose of casual games.

Tournament etiquette
General remarks
The Tournament Director settles disputes and covers any grey area in the rules. All his decisions are final and shall not be contested in the forum.
Captains are responsible for their team's reputation: they are therefore accountable for their teammates' behavior.

Etiquette and rules violation
The TD can use a range of sanctions: warning, loss a game, loss of a match, exclusion. Steps may be skipped.
In case of repeated violations, the board can deny a player the right to enter future tournaments

Avoid comments regarding a past game during a match. Your opponent is probably as aware as you are of the game you just played.
Let your opponent know you need some time to think by typing "." in the chat box.
Suggestion : Typing "." can also notifies your opponent that tabletalk is over. (Your opponent can estimate that general comments may have turned into whining)

Signing up for a tournament is the commitment to complete your match within the set time scale.
Contact/maintain communication with your opponent as soon as possible via private message/email.

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ACP Miguel
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Re:Definition and promotion of an etiquette (TTR online and tournament games) Mon, 23 June 2014 14:14
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