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G'Day and welcome to my User page. I am an Aussie gamer from Shepparton, Victoria. I have only occassionally joined in to discussions on the forums here, but you can also catch me on Boardgamegeek, and I also have a spot on two great Podcasts - The Dice Tower and On Board Games, check 'em out!!

My favourite Days of Wonder games are:

Battlelore - I love this game and love the system. This one is great fun, having played plenty of Warhammer and other minis games, as well as other boardgame/minis hybrids like Battlegrounds: Fantasy Warfare, I can honestly say that I much prefer Battlelore. I am looking forward to delving deeper into the Battlelore universe when that material becomes available!

Shadows over Camelot: This game is plenty of fun, I enjoy the Role Play aspect and love the Traitor mechanism!

Fist of Dragonstones: A great little card game, the artwork is stunning and the game (especially with 6), can be a real blast as a neat little filler!


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