Memoir '44 Projects of Burdie Smith

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8 new scenario's from operation dragoon
A whole lot of stuff has been painted! Allies, axis (28 units of infantry each, 3 units of artillery and a dozen armor units each) Also painted 9 halftracks, 4 tigers, 6 trucks and 2 jeeps. 10 british infantry painted, 8 british armor and 6 british artillery. Now struggling with colours for japs!
I'm a big fan of breaklord scenario's. My first one was Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne region), the second Anzio and the third the Kasserine Pass. It takes much research to make these big scenario's. Having thought making one of Crete (but the size of the island is not perfect for breaklord!). I will certainly make one day a breaklord of one of the beaches in Normandy