Memoir '44 Projects of Yann

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The User Pages project (what you are looking at) is an idea that we have tried to develop several times in the past in various ways. The basic idea was to create a web space where players could post content in a very simple manner: home rules and variants, translations, images, etc.

The first attempt was the M44 Platoon fan site, using an off-the-shelf web publishing system. It was a failure, because the system was too complicated to use. Then followed several prototypes that a few "beta testers" used, which gave us very valuable feed-back. Again, simplicity appeared to be key to the project.

So we re-developed everything from scratch, using the latest web technologies: in-place editing, dynamic linking, etc. We also focused ourselves on the Memoir '44 community, because Memoir '44 players develop lots of content with the Scenario Editor, the After Action Reports, etc.

So here is a first release of this hard work. We hope you will find it useful!

In the meantime, have fun and we look forward to your feed-back and your great content!