Memoir '44 Projects of smart2006

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Medal of M'44

On the 5th Anniversary of Memoir '44 board game and the 65th Anniversary of the D-day - establishing by a M44 fan for Great Members on this excellent forum. 

Let me express my Thanks to Mr Richard Borg for the game, Days of Wonder for publishing and DoW Team for managing the M44 forum!

Medal of M44 - Honoured Memebers in 2009.:

   - Brummbar
   - ColtsFan76
   - jdRommel
   - Randwulf
   - Rasmussen81
   - Yangtze

Great Thanks for the Great Contribution of Yours!

Thanks to ad79 and Trumpetman52 for the propoals and Thanks to TheMarshalUK for the original idea! Happy Birthday and Thank You All!


New Plane Cards - see my gallery!

          - USA
          - Great Britain
          - Russia
- Germany
          - Japan
          - Italy
          - Vichy France - !!! Coming soon !!!

New Special Actions - see my gallery!

          - Bombing
          - Air Supply
          - Dogfight
          - Air Ambush
          - Air Messenger !! NEW !!

Technical Brief Cards - coming soon!

Join to the project!

WW2 Aircraft markings - see my gallery!

How to make Your own Plane - TUTORIAL  !!! NEW !!!

Air Check Values - Help sheet as brief cards - see my gallery!
Alternative airdrop rules: