Memoir '44 Projects of deemao

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Because I'm not owner of any Battle Map, I dont own the models which ones were part of it. But as I want to use Tigers, I decided to make my own badge for them and this badge use with classics PzKpfw IV tanks from core game. In Winter Wars were introduced Tank destroyers, so I decided to use this badge for Tiger one because its same as all SWA's have same badge. The yellow border is there just for knowing where to cut it (on white paper). I hope you will like it and maybe it will be usefull for somebody else.

PS. The size is original (2cm x 1,9cm for badge itself) but it has many pixels so if your print program isnt clever enough to recognize it and it's still trying to fill it through whole page, open this file in photoshop or another graphic program or maybe import it to MS Office or OpenOffice. I had problems with that a little bit.

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