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The Ranking System of the Online Game


  • Players start at the middle of the "bell curve" (for example, 1,500 points). They are considered as average players at the beginning.
  • A player cannot win or lose more than 32 points in a game. It is slightly different in Ticket to Ride online: the amount of points a player can win or lose depends on the number of players in the game (8 for a 2-players game, 16 for a 3-players game, 24 for a 4-players game and 32 for a 5-players game).
  • The number of won and lost points is the same. This is a very important notion. This way, the sum of the scores remains constant. This prevents a drift toward higher or lower scores, whatever number of players we have.
  • The number of points at stake is going to depend on the initial scores of both players. We are going to think in terms of probabilities, and use a statistic function called a "Normal Law" function. For example, if the scores are identical (players of same level), each of them has a 50% chance to win. Therefore, there are only 16 points at stake. If their scores are 400 points apart, then there are 29 points at stake.

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