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 Topic: A couple of air rules questions
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Re:A couple of air rules questions Wed, 27 May 2015 00:12
vonMaxin wrote on Tue, 26 May 2015 11:28

We played jdrommel's Iwo Jima overlord the other night:

A couple of questions came up that we were unable to figure out, so we just went with our gut.

1. Do Japanese units in caves ignore a flag from an airplanes strafe? The caves on hills/mountains cards explicitly state "Japanese units in caves must ignore all flags." Whereas the Strafing card says "Flags cannot be ignored." We looked through the FAQ and whatnot, but couldn't find anything. Incidentally, we played as though they could not ignore the flag.

2. In the scenario, each side has ready to take off planes on the airfield and the aircraft carrier. We understood how to use those and how to order them, but we weren't sure if we could introduce a new plane using the Air Sortie card played in one of the flanks. Meaning, do we have to burn through our ready to take off planes first? Or can we, say, play an Air Sortie card on the right flank and--per the air rules--fly in an additional plane?

We all silently assumed that we could not bring in additional planes until the ready to take off ones were gone. We didn't think of this until the battle was nearly over with.

Any insight would be most appreciated!

(Oh, and the poor Americans were slaughtered 15-9. We shouldn't have gone for Mount Suribachi after we destroyed the artillery unit with a barrage!)

1. Even deeply entrenched Japanese MAY NOT ignore strafing retreat flags regardless of the terrain they are encamped in.
FAQ p. 48:

Q. May Japanese infantry ignore Flags from a Barrage or Air Power card?
A. No. Command cards that state "Flags may not be ignored" will still force Japanese Infantry units to retreat. This includes Strafing Airplanes.

2. You may always introduce aircraft from off the board using an AIR SORTIE card or its equivalent unless the scenario notes specifically restrict you to only using the air pieces originally placed on the board.

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 Topic: Plusieurs fois l'actions des tuiles ?
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Re:Plusieurs fois l'actions des tuiles ? Wed, 27 May 2015 00:25

Moi, je dirais un seul mot : NON !

Ce serait trop simple.
Dans ce cas là en arrivant sur un marché, tu pourrais vider toute la ligne de marchandises du marché entièrement...

De même, tu poserais aussi plusieurs palmiers en un seul coup ?

Du coup, c'est NON !
 Topic: Cartes Fakir
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Re:Cartes Fakir Wed, 27 May 2015 00:34

Les fakirs remplacent partout et en toutes circonstances les esclaves... Donc pas de problème. Il faut juste avoir en tête Fakir=Esclave dans tous les points de règle.

C'est, certes, gênant, pour les visuels et les règles, mais ça ne nous empêchera pas de jouer à ce jeu rempli de qualités...
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 Topic: Win Loss Odds
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Re:Win Loss Odds Wed, 27 May 2015 03:03
I believe the computer counts up the wins in all of the completed online games for the scenario. Did you see something surprising?