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Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Topic: Overlord gaming session
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Re:Overlord gaming session Wed, 07 October 2015 00:57
We done did it again.....

This past Saturday, Steve made the trip down to Jupiter Games.

We played SWORD of STALINGRAD with my Germans getting the best of Steve's Russians, 18 (57) to 9 (40).

I started out slow with an offensive in the center. But Steve played both AMBUSH cards early and soon my center forces were getting thin.

I then shifted forces from my left into the center to boost that front. My right was still pretty much in its staring blocks.

But soon I started to gain ground in the center. On my 4th turn I collected 5 kills to give me an 8 to 4 lead. Two turns later I killed off four more units, three of which were tanks. This resulted in a 13 to 5 German lead.

On the 6th Russian turn I played the AMBUSCADE combat card on a Russian tank which got a hit and key flag. I then took out that tank and two infantry and it was all but over with a 16 to 7 lead, then won out on my 8th turn.

I made a few contacts with gamers who are interested in trying Memoir '44, so hopefully this can be a regular event.

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 Topic: Overlord on Vassal
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Re:Overlord on Vassal Wed, 07 October 2015 01:49
OOPS, It is the 18th. Sunday morning.
 Topic: NEW French Army Rules
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Re:NEW French Army Rules Wed, 07 October 2015 02:10
Standard Infantry is capitalized. That strongly suggests to me that they mean just regular, unaltered infantry.
Forum: Discussion - English
 Topic: Days of Wonder at Essen Spiel’15
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Re:Days of Wonder at Essen Spiel’15 Wed, 07 October 2015 05:59
Erik Uitdebroeck wrote on Tue, 06 October 2015 09:50

Looks good.
Wil the mini-expansion "Orient Express" be available in the shop after a while?


Check the last few lines of the post...

"If you can’t make it to Essen, on the other hand, don’t worry too much,Ticket to Ride United Kingdom is available for preorder on our website and the Orient-Express mini-expansion and the Promo Djinns for Five Tribes will end up there as well soon."

The short answer is yes. Very Happy
Forum: T2R Competitive Play - English
 Topic: NC 2015 - Group B: schedule & results

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Re:NC 2015 - Group B: schedule & results Wed, 07 October 2015 06:35
ATN ameteir vs SOJA Val
Wednesday, 21:00 CET