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 Topic: Impressions from Paris - Thx to DoW/Asmodee
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Re:Impressions from Paris - Thx to DoW/Asmodee Wed, 01 October 2014 00:06
As someone from the majority i.e. those that were not present nor followed it live, so all information i have i get from this thread i have to say i find it extremely disturbing.

At the very least there seems to be a strong suspicion of cheating (either deliberate or semi-deliberate which i guess is basically the same) and where DoW has usually been willing to penalize those found out to be cheating i would have by now expected some reaction from them.

Are they satisfied everything went as it should have? Than please state so.
If not, than please also state so and inform us what action is being considered.

The absolute worst thing in my opinion that can ever happen to a game playing community is precisely this: cheating. If one accepts that premise there can't be any issue more important than this to give a clear and unequivocal point of view on from the people who in the end get to make the decisions.

All that is happening right now is that people might get turned away from the game and that can't be in anyone's interest!

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