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 Topic: Ticket to Ride championship in Baltic countries
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July 2014
  Ticket to Ride championship in Baltic countries Tue, 02 September 2014 15:50
I participated in our national Ticket to Ride championship in Latvia this Saturday. I think that the format used in the tournament is wrong.
We were 9 participants, played on 3 tables, 3 players on each. 2 games were played, one on USA map and 1 on Europe map. I won both games. But 3 finalists were determined by the sum of points from two games and by that factor I remained 4th. Maybe it is the only championship in the world where you can win all qualifying games and don't get to the finals! Shocked There could be technically 3 people from one table, if they agreed not to disturb each other! My point of view is that we should count points from two games, yes, but at every table separately! But we have situation when from my table nobody qualified for the final and from other tables accordingly 2 and 1 player.
What do you think? Is it fair format? Should I write a complaint to the "Days of Wonder" HQ? Confused
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Re:Ticket to Ride championship in Baltic countries Tue, 02 September 2014 16:37
Well, you are not the only one complaining about the amateur approach in the organization.

We have a competitive community here online, organizing online tournaments. We share your opinion, the format is a joke considering the price at stake.

Days of Wonder has not listened to us at all.
You can have a feel of our discussion on this topic here.

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