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 Topic: Let's Play OVERLORD -- Friday, January 2, on Vassal - DDL
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Re:Let's Play OVERLORD -- Friday, January 2, on Vassal - DDL Tue, 23 December 2014 00:19
Photios wrote on Mon, 22 December 2014 19:09

Thanks for your encouraging comments; M44 community in general is more friendly than T2R (although things are good there too, and I enjoy this game equally).
I will be there half an hour earlier and substitute for any no-show or any player that would need to leave at some point.

is there any pdf I could read before joining in (as I don't have the board games)?

D-Day landings rules and scenario descriptions: pdf

Overlord rules for if we play that format: erlord_en.pdf

Page 6 of this (description of the breakthrough deck) if we play without overlord rules: pdf