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 Topic: Overlord on Vassal
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Re:Overlord on Vassal Tue, 31 March 2015 04:05
My next Overlord on Vassal will be on Sunday, April 19th at 9 A.M. Eastern Standard time. We will be fighting on the Western Front. The battle will be 'Counterattack at Carentan'. You can now view it on the SFTF page. A new unit with special attack capability comes into play in this battle; the German Stug III Ausf. A (assault gun). Allied reinforcements play a major role in this battle. How long can the paratroopers hold out? Where does the overall commander allocate the reinforcements? Which ones do they get? Also, how aggressive do the Germans attack? Where is the best chance for success? Hopefully we will find out on the 19th.

Anyway, please let me know if you are interested in playing. Also, please read the rules and if any questions, let me know.