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 Topic: TTR World Championship
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Re:TTR World Championship Wed, 16 April 2014 09:07

Yep, I qualified from Finland.

Quite interesting tournament by choices of games:

Qualifying round: (15 players)
3 times 5er US multis with changing tables

Semi-final: (8 players)
1 game 4er EU in two tables -> 2 best in finals

Final: (4 players)
Just one game with Nederland-map, lol

I saw it 1st time in my life, but made it. So I won all 5 games in tournament and got ticket to Paris. Tournament system let a good change for luck too, but I was the luckiest it seems Wink

In Paris we shall meet!

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Lord Pepper
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Re:TTR World Championship Wed, 16 April 2014 11:21
1 step down too, first in Bordeaux Smile

Now, the National Championship in June !

Maximour, j'espère qu'on se retrouvera à Paris et que j'aurai l'occasion de prendre ma revanche sur la League Smile
 Topic: Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results
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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Wed, 16 April 2014 05:51
So it came down to TAG as decider ... and it's the captain's fault that we didn't win Embarassed

Grats BTB, you did a great job

Thank you, Hecki, Chris, Trucker, Kasi,
you'll always be my favourite GANG
BTB Sysyphus
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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Wed, 16 April 2014 07:07
0.00 CEST : the toilet is clogged. All the poop from the last days shows up, and overflows. After 45 minutes of cleaning without trying to throw up and of working with the plunger, i found out that baby threw a ball in the basin. Ball that happened to be flushed at some point.
House stink, I stink.

1.45 CEST : Done, I order a burger to make sure I have enough energy.
2.00 CEST : I fall asleep.
2.30 CEST : Burger wakes me up, I need to eat quickly and java needs an update.

2.40 CEST : Dea, Hecki, Truck, Cromze, Elka, ommie, onyx, GFF, Lucu are here, nice crowd.
I need at least a 4-2 win. Chris needs 2.5 points.

1st game - Swiss : Basel Brieg / Deutschland vs Deutschland + Italy 71 vs 103(my start)

I decide to lock the west early since I need and have 3 white.
I take 4 grey, 6 grey, alas for nothing It does not pay off, and Chris piled up the tunnels in the east.
He gets way more track points, longest.
He played better. 0-1

Joker#1 dead.

2nd game - Big Cities : Las Vegas/Ny - Nashville/Ny - Dallas NY vs Chi Ny/Chi Atl/Ny Atl/Bos Mia 105 vs 128 (his start)

Nice : 3 tickets for me, yay... And argh, he keeps 4 then lays 2 to NY after 10 cards. Already tricky for me.
I open 6 black, then 2 to Ny to avoid the full block.I get out through 5 green, but I need to go to Dallas and Nashville.
I happened to be too slow while he managed his colors pretty well. He drew tickets in the middle of the game and found NY Mia, then finishes way faster than me.
Outplayed here, 0-2... No jokers left

3rd game - USA : LA Ny Den Paso (Win Lr) vs Sea La Cal Phoe 122 vs 117 (my start)
Down 0-2, I guess I am more relaxed now.
My colors are pretty good. I open 6 orange, he 6 yellow.
I answer 4 green, and 6 black.
He plays La Phoe = west. I am short on yellow and purple, but I don't want to be slowed down around Phoe/Fe/Paso, so I pick 2 more cards blind and find 2 lucky yellow.
I can play 4 red, then 6 purple, and 4 white to Chi to be flexible around NY.
He goes to SF, then 6 white and 6 blue. He's fairly fast against the start while I need to reach NY.
He does not have 6 grey, and he goes to Paso with 3 purple then 4 red to Dallas... whew we tie longest.
It sounded like 3 pink to SF instead of 2 extra yellow + a loco would have allowed him to get 6 grey.

Puh : 1-2.

4th game - USA 1910 : Las Vegas Miami/LA Oaklahoma (Winni Santa Fe) vs Montreal Dallas Port Hou (SSM Mia) 134 vs 122 (his start)

Pretty tricky combo for me : I need black, Vegas and 6 red which are a bit more attractive in 1910 than in regular USA. My luck he ended up with a trickier combo.
Bad news I have 0 black/3 yellow/4 red at 38 cards but 6 locos. He burns 3 locos on orange, I give myself another pickup : 1 red, 1 black.
He plays 6 yellow, 6 purple, 1 to Port, 2 to Pitt, while i throw 5 locos on black, 2 to vegas and 6 red. I have 9 green, 3 are open on the pile = he has 0. I connect peacfully via NO.
No locos left, no 5 yellow to go to Oak, I might be too slow.
Guessing tickets in 1910 is pretty tricky. He goes down to Fe.
Phoenix Boston ? LA Atlanta ? Duluth Dallas ?
I have 3 of a kind to spare, so I choose LA. He then lays 1 to Hou. Argh Port Hou, Port Pitt ? That might be too big to compete against.
I realize that he's slower than I thought. He connects 3 to Montreal: Montreal Dallas ? Really ? Gives me a win instead of something close to a tie.
He draws (4 to find) and finds nothing.

Ayayay : 2-2. Stayin' aliveee

5th game - Asia : Peking Saigon/Chita Shanghai/Irkustk Dihua (Mos Cal) vs Kathmandu Calcutta/Astrakhan Hanoi 103 vs 45 (my start)

2 main objectives with my tickets : 2 red and 6 grey to get in the way of 4 of the 5 big tickets.
I open quickly with 2 red in Hanoi, my luck... He answers with 2 orange, and 2 black in Mandalay. I make sure I can connect to the north with 2 grey to Peking and 4 purple via Xian. We then complete our hand, and he goes to Bangkok. Either he tries to be sneaky to Hanoi or Singapore. I kill Hanoi with 2 white, I can still take care of Krasnoyarsk later.
He burns 2 black + a loco to Singapore. Ok, he tries to be flexible to reach Hanoi, no way you give up your black and then go to Krasnoyarsk.
It works well for me, I need Saigon anyway, and I can work on my number of cities connected.
I also lay 6 grey, then connect Irkustk, Chita and Shanghai.
Thanks locos for your contribution

He can not complete his big ticket.
3-2 The show must go on.

6th game - Europe : Pal Mos Berlin Buc (Paris Zag/Zur Brind) vs Stock Wien/Bruxelles Danzig (I can only Imagine Ed Ath as a big ticket) 128 vs 99 (his start)

Nice tickets for me. I have 7 locos at 36/38 cards, I decide to be patient and keep my options open. (It looked like he had only 2 or 3 locos)
We are actually both patient. He shoots first with the 8-tunnel with red : 1 red and 2 locos = miss.
He probably needs it, he's been waiting too long. I go for it, with 6 orange and locos, and pay 2 extra.
I am now down to 3 locos, and 2 of them are needed for the ferry.
He takes the 6 tunnel, and I take War-Kiev then 4 to Berlin.
He locks Petrograd with 4 grey, 4 blue and 4 white, while I go peacefully to Kharkov then Moskva.
He also blocks Frankfurt with 3 black. He looks pretty defensive, I feel confident. I go to Bucuresti, and decide to wait one more turn before claiming the 6 ferry to optimise my hand.
He takes Pal Smyrna. I am not too worried, he does not have a big ticket nor he can compete for longest. I connect via Sofia/Athina, then can go to Palermo with my remaining locos.

He connects his tickets, lays a station in Petrograd.

I clearly had better tix and a better hand in this one.


chris vs Sysy :
2 vs 4

It was our third final in 3 years, I am happy for my loyal teammates that we finally get the final win Smile
Your motivation and team spirit are rewarded !

Thanks GANG for the hard fight, with a crazy scenario (5-1,0-6,5-1,2-4) !

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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Wed, 16 April 2014 09:23

Checking results from this and last year I have to say that personally don't feel like champ this year, but thx to great team we made it this time. My contribution lacked this year badly comparing to the fly of last year.

Val 2013:
QF 5-1
SF 4-2
F 3-3
TOTAL: 7-1-0

Val 2014:
QF 6-0
SF 2-4
F 1-5
TOTAL: 2-1-4

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GANG TuS Tenniskasi
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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Wed, 16 April 2014 11:06
Grats BTB

but Fusion is difficult to watch without understanding more than 1 map, perhaps I have to try the others all over the next year Very Happy

Thx for the Report, Sysy, it was not the right time to watch for me, if u just have to wait for 2 numbers at the end, not knowing while playing, who is in front Rolling Eyes



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Re:Fusion 2014, Play-offs, Schedule and results Wed, 16 April 2014 16:16
Grats BTB

For me, very similar with last NC:

1. We lost vs ommie's team. blehhhh
2. Will needs to be in the line-ups every week
3. We lost if i'm not in the line-ups

Hey Guys! Don't take it too seriously. Just kidding, especially #3

 Topic: FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions
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Re:FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions Wed, 16 April 2014 18:39
When I hear about 'Euro map = luck', 'Asia map = block is easy', 'AAT is too specialized', 'TAG euro = block' etc..

That's we end up with only US map stuff.

Nobody was born an AAT player, you become an AAT player.
Nobody has a huge edge in Swiss, Asia or 1910 maps. Everybody can catch up pretty fast, even faster with the help of a teammate.

We offer different formats/map : and instead of trying to master them, too many players would just avoid them and would stay in their comfort zone.

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