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 Topic: [spoiler alert] Promotion requirements cadet through to Brigadier
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Re:[spoiler alert] Promotion requirements cadet through to Brigadier Thu, 28 August 2014 05:18
When I finally got promoted to LTC, I did not have wins from 5 different scenarios in each front so I don't think this is a strict requirement. In the East, I won only 3 at Lisyanka, 4 at Pnyri, and 3 at Suomusilmani as the Allies. As the Axis, add Klin to those 3 just mentioned. As the Axis in the Pacific, I had wins only Matankiau River, Meat Grinder, and Wake Island (although here I had wins in 3 other non-required scenarios).

I don't have any good advice if he has won 10 games from each side in each front--maybe it's something like you need 100 wins total (I had 90 'required' wins and 108 total wins) as he only has 90 total if the above info is accurate (although there may be more wins in non-required scenarios that aren't mentioned).

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