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Forum: Memoir '44 - English
 Topic: World Boardgaming Tournament-questions
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Re:World Boardgaming Tournament-questions Mon, 03 August 2015 00:51
Hi Steve.

I also look forward to meeting you and perhaps get in a ftf game against you. It is a bit ironic we both will drive to Pennsylvania from our homes in New York to do so Smile

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Re:WARNING Mon, 03 August 2015 01:09
FLOP_dea1 wrote on Sat, 01 August 2015 09:09

Playing games NOT open implies that you do not trust your opponent(s) - which is an insult (unless you have a clear reason not to trust this particular opponent), as this community relies on trust.

This comment strikes me as unfair.

If someone sets up a game as not open or with hidden tickets, maybe it is because (1) the person initiating the game does not know who will join the game and hence has no reason to know whether the next anonymous opponent on the internet is trustworthy or not and (2) the person initiating the game believes that the chances of a cheater spying on this tickets with another user name is greater than that a third party wants to observe a game and there are no other worthy games being played.
RUS Sivorro
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Re:WARNING Mon, 03 August 2015 01:26
See around only cheaters and unfair opponents it's not good!

We are community! If anybody feels so dangerous about be cheated I think it's a reason to visit a doctor Smile

But! Cheating in multi!!! I heard it first time. 5 or 4 players and only one hand is visible. It has to be a band of cheaters Smile

Folks! Be more patient and respectful to another players!



P.S. retepgolf, if you anytime will read this please let me know why you banned me Smile