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Forum: Mystery Express - English
 Topic: Follow us on Twitter
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Follow us on Twitter Fri, 29 January 2010 07:29
To be informed as soon as the next slide show comes up, you can follow us on Twitter @days_of_wonder:

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 Topic: Avatars...
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Avatars... Thu, 04 February 2010 16:19
We just uploaded some avatars for Mystery Express

If you're in the mood for an avatar change? Head to your account's page and go ahead for your new avatar...

The DoW Team

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 Topic: New web site and preorders!
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  New web site and preorders! Mon, 08 February 2010 14:55
- Doctor Strauss ? Did you see? There's a new web site for Mystery Express!
- Shh! I know, I know! Can't you see I'm studying the rules already?

Mystery Express is now available for preorder... Book your copy on our online store!

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 Topic: Any copies out there?
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Any copies out there? Sat, 17 May 2014 14:03
Hello Days of Wonder Community,
I was wondering if anyone is aware of a retailer (on-line or brick/mortar) that still has new copies of Mystery Express. If not, do have a lead on a used a copy.

If you have any information, would you please PM me?

Thank you!