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Masters Tournament 2p USA 2014 Fri, 03 January 2014 23:46
It is still a project to be finalized, but we thought it'd better to make an annoucement before League starts.

As an initiative (based on an idea from DrakeStorm, thanks!) to gather the 4 best players in the 2014 tournaments, we would like to introduce the Most Valuable Player 2014 Final Four.

When ?
It would be held in December 2014 in parallel to the NC finals.
We would bring 2014 to a close with intense competition, with the best teams in NC, and cherry on the cake, the best players of the year.

Who ?
  • The winner of the League, Division A.
  • The winner of SPWC
  • Highest ranked in TELO at the end of the year. (the minimum number of matches played in 2014 still to be determined)
  • A 4th still to be determined.
    (ideas : NC MVP designated by captains, 2nd highest TELO, previous MVP -which does not quite work for a first edition-)

    Still to be determined. Knock-out bo11 ?
    Any input is more than welcome !

    Enjoy all the tournament organized in 2014, and may the best be the MVP 2014 !

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