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Campaign "Hedgerow Hell" - Allies' Objective Track Fri, 28 December 2012 09:34

as you may know, the Objective Track for the Allies shows 4 objectives to get during the whole campaign.

Scenario 35 - "The hedgerow breach" - There are 3 Permanent Objectives for the Allies.

Scenario 36 - "The Avranches Breakthrough" - No objective medals. Only 1 "Exit" token available for the Allies, in the Axis baseline.

Scenario 37 - "Breakthrough at Mortain" - No objective medals for the Allies in this scenario.

Since there are only 3 "permanent objectives", what is the 4th objective to track? Does the "Exit" token in the second scenario counts towards an objective?

Thanks in advance
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Re:Campaign "Hedgerow Hell" - Allies' Objective Track Sun, 30 December 2012 07:58
Yes, I believe you get an Objective medal for the track if you exit a unit off the board. But I'm not 100% sure about this... Smile
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