Projets Mémoire '44 de g1ul10

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Sometimes the number of figures provided in the Memoir base box or expansions are not enought. Sometimes it results difficult to pack all the figures composing the unit in one hex. This is particularly true with the Elite armor units which are made of four tank figures. In these cases I found handy to use cardboard tokens with numbers to represent the actual size of the unit. When the unit takes hits, the original token is replaced with a new token having the appropriate number on it. The size of the token is proportional to the number of figures in the unit, so that it is easy to judge the status of the different units on the battlefield. This file contains the tokens for infantry and armor units. Print it, glue on a sufficiently thick piece of cardboard and cut.
The extension includes: wire, sandbag and hedgehog in neutral colours and can be downloaded from