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I working on a 1/72 scale version Memoir ´44. The D-Day scenarios are my favourites so I've bought a couple of landingcrafts and tanks. Now I'm looking for some bunkers.
Battle board should be 10cm hexes from HotMatz.

Well, it might get too big in 1/72, so perhaps we should keep it smaller with 1/144 tanks, cannons and landing crafts.

Hmmm, things are taken a twist here. Came across Flames of War and now my son and I have started to buy tanks, infantry, cannons, bunkers, ruins and much more. Painting those little suckers are quite fun!
JAA1030 set up some nice D-Day campaigns which I have made score sheets for with inspiration from Rasmussen81.
I did it with Publisher and the file is only 240 KB, so sent me a mail and I will sent you a copy of the file. (Working on how to make it into a pdf file.)
Credits: Original D-Day Campaign / Brummbär; Extended Campaign / JAA1030; Inspiration for score sheet / Rasmussen81; PDF conversion help / AD79; Score sheet made / SlotraceDK

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Updated 16/7-09