Projets Mémoire '44 de Sgt Storm

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I use a Plano 1155 Magnum Satchel tackle box to store all Memoir '44 pieces with the exception of the boards and large rule booklets. Take a look at my uploaded images to see how this works. This cost me around $20 and I use it to hold the following:

2 complete Memoir '44 games (without boards or rules)
Terrain Pack
Eastern Expansion
Pacific Theater
Air Pack
Med. Theater

I use one Memoir '44 box to hold my three maps (2 beach/countryside and 1 desert/winter board) and the larger rules books from Memoir '44 main games and Airpack. The smaller rule books, cards, dice, card stands, etc. I store in the top-level comparment of the tackle box. It is a tight fit for the tiles, but they do fit. I have no room left for another expansion, but am quite satsified with this space saving solution as I can toss out 1 big Memoir box, 4 expansion boxes and the useless air pack box.

To see the tackle box go to this site: and click on the "1155 Two-Tiered Satchel" product.

I also purchased two smaller trays for future expansions. These Plano ProLatch StowAway 4-9 Adjustable Compartments can hold hexes, figures etc. in up to 8 compartments. Hexes aren't a perfect fit, but work in center and two corners (see images). I estimate these can hold two full expansions (without rules).

I am working on the following scenarios:

Green Beach ("Historical version") - this is a complement to what I consider the "fun" version of Green Beach, which I have already published. The difference here is realistic landing locations for Canadians, more realistic terrain on the Western heights, and slightly modified objectives. The "fun" version is still more fun, hence my reluctance to publish the "historical" version.

I have 2 other scenarios in the works, which hopefully will yield a 3rd (overlord) scenario (soon).
I am trying to design scenarios that emphasize the following points, which I wish were more prevalent in the official scenarios:
1) Hard objectives for at least one side (offensive side), which require uncontested control of objectives for a good percentage of the medals rather than relying mostly on elimination of units (which is inevitable anyway).
2) Limitation of ability to use board edges to rack up losses due to retreats. This means having reinforcements arrive (when it makes sense for historical accuracy) and eliminating cards like Air Power and Barrage.
3) Limiting artillery to some more sensible rules, such as requiring LOS from a friendly unit and more realistic die rolls (e.g., limiting damage to adjacent units).
4) Scenarios with interesting terrain and objectives that tell a good story singly or in combination.
5) Balance (at the expense of historical accuracy).

I think my first scenario, Green Beach, has done this.