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Re:WELCOME TO THE CAPITOL Thu, 02 July 2015 00:15
Please add me on the map... Wink Tristan Leyder, 162, rue de Burhaimont, 6880 Bertrix, Province de Luxembourg, Belgique Smile
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Re:Welcome! Thu, 02 July 2015 00:35
Erik Uitdebroeck wrote on Wed, 01 July 2015 13:21

Thank you for answering.
I'm pretty sure we will get the latest news through this forum.

This will certainly be a good place to find updates, ask questions, or talk about the game! DoW forums are always great for that and a lot of us already know each other from other games!! Cool

You could also join us over on Facebook, if you have an account. I'm in charge of the new Asmodee Digital Facebook page, and there are lots of great updates over there as well. Here's a link:

Not a lot of people have posted comments or questions yet, so you could be the brave person to start the ball rolling! Very Happy
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 Sujet: New Euroleague Season 2 Division B schedule
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Re:New Euroleague Season 2 Division B schedule Thu, 02 July 2015 00:35
Hi all,
will have enough time in the followign weeks after July 6th.
my prefered times are around 18:00 CEST and past 22:00 CEST.

Dgedge I am reserving one slot for you until this Sunday as you can't play afterwards; just send me 2 possible dates (impossible on Thursday 2nd) to choose one.

[Mis à jour le: Thu, 02 July 2015 00:36]

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Re:New Euroleague Season 2 Division B schedule Thu, 02 July 2015 01:09
Megasiv - Qorlas

vigulisam - Qorlas


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Looking for collaboration! Thu, 02 July 2015 01:33
Hello! My name is Carl and I'm a 16 years old boy who loves boardgames and to create rules and scenarios within all games. I got an idea of a possible scenario when I read this thread: (all credit to Senseless), and would like to continue with this scenario (and further ideas) with one or two other game-lovers! So if you are intrested answer in the comment section. And even if you just want to give some small advices, even that is crucial help! So hope you are intrested!

Carl Very Happy