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 Sujet: Asia Map Championship 2014 : Schedule and results
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Re:Asia Map Championship 2014 : Schedule and results Sat, 19 April 2014 00:55
Val vs Sysy :

Sunday 20.30 CEST
 Sujet: FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions
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Re:FUSION CUP 2014 evaluation & questions Sat, 19 April 2014 02:07
How about this idea (or some variation of it):

Reduced matches from 6 to 4 games. Add more mactches and let each player play any 2.

Possible matches could be:
TAG (2 games instead of 3)
FUN (4 of the 5 picked, similar to how AAT maps are picked)

With this appraoch you would still only need 1 "other" map specialist to play both Asia and Swiss. But it could allow a new player to only have to learn 1 new map (for either Asia or Swiss), not 6 or 7 (for AAT).

Also if the clash was 6 matches, putting in a newbie for Asia or Swiss wouldn't hurt as much. 1 loss out of 6 matches rather than 1 out of 4.

Sysyphus wrote on Fri, 18 April 2014 14:10

How about:

5 match clash :
Choice of Team A
Choice of Team B

Choices offered : Asia, Swiss, Swiss/Asia, AAT

4 matches clash :
Choice of team A
Choice of team B

Choices offered : Swiss, Asia, Europe, AAT.

FUN might be an option : if there's a great desire for it and if a 6-game format can be designed.
We don't have to worry about a home advantadge in playoffs.
A team would have to make a different choice from one clash to another.

I like the choice of each team picking a format, but in the first scenario, you would need 2 Other Map Specialists. That means the 4 teams this year that only had 1, would have to add/train another. In the second scenario you "might" need 2 unless you allow a team to always pick the same choice and they pick Europe each time. So option 2 seems better to me.

Could take it one step farther and have each team make 2 choices, but narrow it down a bit to try to minimize the number of map specialist needed on a team.

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 Sujet: Western Front Tournament Results
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Re:Western Front Tournament Results Sat, 19 April 2014 03:28

I played the second match with gonzalan.

Battle result :
Kellogs vs Gonzalan
Medals won : 7 - 4
Figures won : 26 - 18

A difficult scenario for allies. Thanks to gonzalan. We have played the return and he won 7 - 1 medals 045515

Well played by Kellogs_10 for his victory.

Started my push on my RIGHT, moved up looking to take out his BUNKER unit and then move on my LEFT to do the same and managed to do both.

At this point, probably would have been wiser to maybe pull back, NIGHT was at 3 and maybe try to force him to come out some or perhaps work on developing my CENTER troops....kept pushing forward and ENGINEERS did not perform to expectations....2-10 on both FLANKS and was a bit costly.

Maybe hold back the FLANKS after killing both BUNKER units and then maybe work on the DOUBLE OBJECTIVE on my LEFT, but K_10 played well and worked me down and last unit he killed for the VICTORY was the forward most CENTER unit.....none of which I ever got on the BEACH!!!

Well earned victory and thanks to JUNIOR72...he got one back for the good guys!!

DIce, my stats 1st:

INF 15-31, 48%....ARM 2-6, 33%....ART 1-2, 50%...OVERALL 18-39, 46%
INF 26-53, 49%....ARM 0-0, 0% ....ART 0-0, 0% ...OVERALL 26-53, 49%

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 Sujet: On recrute à Montréal
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Re:On recrute à Montréal Sat, 19 April 2014 04:08
manque de chance je suis dans 819 maintenant vous avez parti ce club 5 ans trop tard pour moi Sad Sad

mais bonne chance a vous et amusez-vous bien