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Forum concerné: Mémoire 44 - Français
 Sujet: Précision Attaque/Sortie aérienne
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Michael Wittmann

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Re:Précision Attaque/Sortie aérienne Sun, 26 April 2015 00:21
N'ayant pas le carnet de campagne, je vais consulter les points de règles que tu cites et je vais y réfléchir afin d'y trouver une réponse logique à défaut d'une officielle.
A bientot.
Forum concerné: Ticket to Ride - the Digital Game - English
 Sujet: Disappearing DLC
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Disappearing DLC Sun, 26 April 2015 02:05
I used to have a bunch of the DLC maps that I could play on my PC Ticket to Ride. However, they have since disappeared and I seem to be unable to retrieve them. I am still logged into my DoW account through the game, and it shows the DLC in my account when I try to see them in-game. However, it won't let me play any of the maps and asks me to buy them again. Any ideas on what I can do to get my maps back?

I know I was able to access the maps before purchasing the extra maps from the recent Tabletops HumbleBundle. Today was the first time since redeeming the new maps (including Legendary Asia, which I was excited for!) that I have tried to access them because I have been playing the base game with my family, and the maps were not there.
Forum concerné: Memoir '44 Online - Français
 Sujet: Etat-Major de la WOLF-44
Duncan Team du Sud
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Les Rats du désert

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Re:Etat-Major de la WOLF-44 Sun, 26 April 2015 06:52