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 Sujet: [RANT] Quit Complaining - we've ALL had bad luck
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Re:[RANT] Quit Complaining - we've ALL had bad luck Sat, 25 April 2015 01:10
Indeed, it happens to all.

I had an 8 game losing streak where it seemed I could not buy a decent card or die roll set. Then, if you are playing a decent opponent you get your head handed to you when that happens.

My last regular scenario, Ponyri, I lead 5 to 2 after 6 turns. Then in my last 2 turns I went 3 for 14 (including 2 for 12 against a panzer and 6 of those was when it was down to 1 fig and I had whiffed on a 3d attack on that same unit a turn before) while my opponent went 13 for 16 and got 4 kills and flipped the score to 6 to 3 in his favor. It was no one's fault the dice fell that way as it do happen.

An infantry move later and he won with the village medals but only needed one of those.

I had decent cards and had BARRAGE in hand. Killing off the panzer earlier would have given me medal 6 and then BARRAGE could have been played on a 1 fig panzer on the baseline. Games like that can certainly make you reach for an aspirin Laughing

But then I bounced back with two nice wins in a SFtF where my luck was very good. So no complaints overall here.