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Re:Advanced Historian Fri, 19 September 2014 11:37
Just got mine the other day (at Arracourt) and it was a bit of a surprise.

I reviewed my dates on the battles and did not think I had played any of them on the right dates. So this year I set out to do that.

Played the first 6 and then messed up on Vassieux due to the error in the dates listed in the book. At that time I thought all 16 were needed and resigned myself that I would have to wait till July '15 to get the medal.

But then I saw the post that stated you only needed to play 15 out of 16 battles to get the medal, so I thought I would get it by this Dec.

But it looks like I must have played St Vith and Saverne Gap on the needed dates in the past Very Happy
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Re:Advanced Historian Fri, 19 September 2014 14:11
Congrats John!