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Forum concerné: Memoir '44 Online - English
 Sujet: Etiquette
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Re:Etiquette Sat, 29 August 2015 01:30
I play about 20 games per day Wink
This game is really addictive. I know a lot more than I did a month ago.
In one of the games I was playing, my opponent said gg, like the game was over; at the time I had four medals to collect while he had to collect one more medal to end the game. So I responded- You must have BEL. Of course when he said gg it was the beginning of my turn. Never, ever chat while it is your turn. For some reason when you hit the return button it will end your turn. I had one attack (70% certain kill) left before I hit return, in sending my response to his gg.
Turns out he did not have BEL. I asked him why he said gg, he stated that he did not see that I could block him from capturing the final medal/objective. My next turn I took the win.

Another game (my last game) my opponent started pfffting while both he and I were making our dice rolls. then he goes on to say no dices, at that point I put him on mute! We played two games together and he kept Pfffting me during the entire match.
Games end, the stats put him at a higher dice % than I...in both games.
How does one respond to such dribble (oh, he did indicate that he wanted me to respond)?

Being a General or a player with a high rank does not give you special privilege. Don't start acting like an ass once you gain rank, this is a game it is not real life.
You don't get the privilege of acting like a real life general.

Rank along with Score have little value on this site...irrelevant!

The subject area in question is subjective and ambiguous, open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations.
Play your game and do not show negativity towered others who are playing the same game...having fun.

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