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 Sujet: Asynchronous multiplayer?
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Re:Asynchronous multiplayer? Fri, 27 February 2015 01:25
*player733173 wrote on Sat, 21 May 2011 11:08

... About 45mins into the game, I somehow became disconnected from her (we were on the same wifi network) and I was unable to rejoin the game. This is a complete disaster. Not only can I not leave the game and come back, if there happens to be a network hiccup, I get booted and replaced with a bot? This makes the game complete worthless to me.

This has been my issue too, I love playing the game with my partner on our iPads, yet we are constantly booted from the game. We keep trying, sometimes it won't let us join, when we do, we get a good game going and then bumped out.

Wish there was a way to manually switch from Wifi to Bluetooth - unless I'm mistaken, there isn't such a facility within the settings.

Any support on this matter would be appreciated. If not, I'm just adding my voice to what would be a superb experience otherwise.