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Gambit 7 is published under a license from North Star Games, LLC and is based on the original "Wits & Wagers" game design by Dominic Crapuchettes, which was originally released in 2005.

Gambit 7 Development:

French Version

  • Adaptation by: Bruno Faidutti & Days of Wonder
  • With assistance from: Manuel Rozoy, Marc Laumonier, François Lecornu & Cédric Siderakis

German Version

  • Adaptation by: Henning Kröpke
  • With assistance from: Eva Timme, Martin Wehnert
  • Additional Testing: Angelika Ludwig, Claudia & Hendrik Völker, Georg Brand

British Version

  • Adaptation by: Fraser Lamont & Days of Wonder
  • Additional questions by: Peter Gifford, Ivan Hanley, John Kennard, Gordon Lamont, Tabatha Lamont, Gareth Lodge, John Robertson, Brian Robson, Ian Smith and Grant Whitton.


Gambit 7 - Commonwealth Edition is available for countries outside of USA, Canada, Norway and Finland