Here are a few rules to follow as you take your first steps into our online gaming community. Those comments and rules are the fruit of the collaborative experience of many of our fellow users. Out of respect for them and for your fellow players, please read them through, and more importantly keep them in mind as you participate with others in the community. They really do make for a better experience for all involved!

To initiate a game, once you've launched the application, you must click on the "Create game" button in the lobby, give the game a valid name, then click on the "Go" button to join the game. To join a game started by someone else, simply double click on that game's name.

A typical game will last 30-40 minutes, but the actual duration of any particular game can vary greatly from this depending on the number of players and their style of play. If you don't think you have enough time for a full game, do not join in.

Once in a while a game might be interrupted (unexpected disconnection, etc..). If such a thing occurs in your game, wait until all players have reappeared in the game lobby, then click on the "Resume Now" button at the very top of the screen to resume the game from the last hand played. Scores will be kept intact.

While in the lobby, you may click on any player's name to read some basic stats. Clicking on the bell icon next to the list also allows you to "ring" that person. If he has the sound turned up on his machine, a beep will be heard.

Now go out and play - and remember, it's the people that make these games fun, so stay gracious and courteous under all circumstances.

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