Version 2.0 of the on-line version of Gang of Four introduces Robots (also abbreviated as "Bots"). These robots are programs that play like other players. Robots are used for two things:

Training or Solo Games
If you want to practice or play alone against non-human opponents, you can create a table with three robots as the other players. Note that in this case, your game will not be ranked.

"Hot Swap" of Defecting Players
If a player leaves the table during a game for one reason or another (network disconnection or defection), he is automatically replaced on-the-fly by a Robot. This way, the game can continue, and the other players are not stuck.
If the player returns quickly, he can take back his seat and resume playing. If he does not come back, the Robot will finish the game, but its performance will be applied to the player's ranking. So if the Robot played badly, this will impact negatively the player's scores...

The various Gang of Four Robots:

Name Designer Strategy
DumbBot Days of Wonder Simple defense
AggressiveDumbBot Days of Wonder Simple attack
ValueBot Days of Wonder Cards and combos valuation
ProbaBot Days of Wonder Probabilities valuation
GriffonBot Clod (Claude Brisson) Artificial Intelligence
SphinxBot Clod (Claude Brisson) Artificial Intelligence
Penguin1Bot Peng (Pierre Maraninchi) Artificial Intelligence
LifeBot Agent Smith (Leslie Luthi) Artificial Intelligence
LuvBot Agent Smith (Leslie Luthi) Artificial Intelligence
RainBot Buffon (Marc Mercier) Artificial Intelligence
RamBot Agent Smith (Leslie Luthi) Artificial Intelligence

Special thanks to Agent Smith, Buffon, CloD and Peng for the design of their Robots!

Feeling like being a contributor?
If you are interested in developing your own Robot and offer it to the Gang of Four community, we can provide you a Java development kit. for more information.

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