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  1. The Day After says

    Battle Die Reduction (Comment / Question)

    Do units get protection from terrain/obstacles against Cavalry units, ie. are Cavalry battle dice reduced when they attack a unit in woods/behind sandbags etc.?

    If so, doesn't that make Cavalry really weak as they can only effectively attack units in open terrain?

  2. player685589 says

    what are they used in (Comment / Question)

    Q I have not seen any scenarios what are they used in?

  3. JFKoski says

    What are they used in (Comment / Question)

    A. A few Eastern Front Scenarios.
    Counter-Attack at Sverchkovo,
    Raseiniai - w/Brandenburgers,
    Velikaya Bridgehead - Campaign Book
    Nach Moskau! -BT

    There's some more from Equipment Pack:
    Operation Seydlitz

  4. JFKoski says

    Battle Die Reduction (Comment / Question)

    A: Cavalry do not ignore terrain battle dice reductions. This DOES make them weak. (It's WWII, after all.)

    The only good use for cavalry would be to pop up as reinforcements on the opponent's baseline (like Armor Breakthrough) to attack 1- and 2- figure infantry units that have been pulled back. Someone should make a scenario like this!

    A: There's a new (June 2013) official scenario involving Italian cavalry: Battle of Agordat, Eritrea/Ethiopia in 1941.

  5. yeager44 says

    Overrun (Comment / Question)

    They can be powerful in open terrain with their speed and armor overrun ability. That is if you lack tanks.

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