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Memoir '44 Online

Memoir '44 Online is a computer adaptation of the award-winning, two-player historical board game that invites you to play against live opponents in dozens of WWII battle scenarios. It includes all the original elements (cards, dice, little plastic soldiers, and scenarios) that made the game so much fun, while virtually eliminating the learning curve by automating game setup, teaching the rules, and finding you playing partners.

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Easy to learn, accessible to all types of players and quick to play, Memoir '44 Online is supported by a vast online community.

Thousands of players around the world have already discovered that you don't have to be a wargamer to enjoy the thrilling tactical game play of Memoir '44 Online. Now it's your turn.

“You can dip a toe in and try it out without a big investment. Or if you love the game but have a hard time finding opponents this gives you a chance to scratch that itch.”


Memoir '44 Online runs on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. It includes:

  • "Johnny", the computer's AI who serves as a great training partner to learn the game
  • Dozens of available scenarios from the Western, Eastern, Pacific and Mediterranean fronts
  • Special Achievement badges as you progress through the ranks from Cadet to General
  • A fantastic video tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know to get started
  • Access to a large community of friendly players willing to help teach you the ropes