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Ticket to Ride (Web Version)

Ticket to Ride (Web Version) is a cross-country train adventure playable online, in which you collect and play train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities listed on Destination Tickets that you receive at the start of each game. The longer your routes, the more points you'll earn.

But be careful not to find yourself blocked off by your opponents, as each unfulfilled Destination Ticket will cost you dearly!

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With over 22 million games played and a new game starting every few seconds, Ticket to Ride Online is the fast and friendly way to enjoy this classic, award-winning board game.

It's not just exciting – it's addictive!

“With a remarkably short learning curve, a wealth of strategies, addicting gameplay, and an active online community, Ticket to Ride is a no-brainer for board game addicts, strategy gamers, and anyone willing to explore independent games.”

Sean “Elysium” Sands
Computer Gaming World

Ticket to Ride (Web Version) includes:

  • Free trial: first four games are free
  • Additional maps of Europe, Switzerland and USA 1910 available as expansions
  • Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia, the first new map to hit digital platforms in nearly seven years. The new map, which lets rail barons connect routes from Karachi to Kathmandu is now available as an expansion.
  • Vast and ever growing online community with players from around the world always ready for a game (or two, or three...), 24/7

Available expansions:

  • USA 1910
  • Europe Map
  • Swiss Map
  • Legendary Asia