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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

Fortune Teller
(2 cards, Blue, Cost: 8,6,4,2)

Pick one opponent. If you can correctly guess the total value of any one type of gem she holds in hand, randomly steal one of those gem cards. Cannot be cancelled by Musketeer.
03/01/2005 by bclayj - 1 comment by David707 on 08/30/2006     
I would like to propose a 'Princess'

Purple (8,6,4,2)

This card could be played during the devaluation phase of any turn. Just as the 'Queen' can take possession of a gem as it comes into play immediately, the 'Princess' would be able to rescue a card just as the devaluation is removing it from play.
02/16/2005 by Sethra - 3 comments, last one by David707 on 08/30/2006     
(blue, 8,7,5,4)
All current cards devalue again, but don't replace "killed" until after your turn.

How Useful?
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 4 comments, last one by David707 on 08/29/2006     
(1 or 2 cards, Blue, Cost: 9,7,5,3)

Play this card to look through discard pile and take any Blue character or Musketeer into your hand, first showing it to the other players. Cannot be used to take another Mortician card.
03/01/2005 by bclayj - 2 comments, last one by micheni on 08/29/2005     
New characters, objects and gem cards
Use this weblog to post (and comment on) suggestions of new characters. Like our other weblogs (strategies & tactics for Gang of Four, common notations and investigative strategies for Mystery of the Abbey, etc...) this web log is moderated, and your posts will not appear until they have been approved (and usually translated) by the moderator.

The King's Court, at Days of Wonder!
06/02/2003 by eric - 4 comments, last one by chita on 08/27/2005     
Multi-faceted Gem
Name: Multi-faceted Gem
Initial cost: 8

Effect: This gem is multi-colored, and can be played indifferently as a ruby, emerald, or diamond during the same. It does _not_ have the same effect as a mini-Alchemist, in that it is committed to a given gem type when played, and cannot be switched upon seeing the other players displays.
05/22/2003 by eric - 4 comments, last one by shadrach1 ~ Skotos on 02/04/2005     
(purple, 12,10,8,6)
Add an extra ducat every round to buy cards.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 6 comments, last one by shadrach1 ~ Skotos on 02/04/2005     
Pink, 12,10,8,6
play during a sale. One gem type is won not by whomever had the most but instead by your mutual ennemy.
(play obviously after displays are revealed)
06/14/2003 by Azarkon - 9 comments, last one by shadrach1 ~ Skotos on 02/04/2005     
(black, 7,5,4,2)
If your gems do not sell and were not kinged, you may return 2/3 of the gems to your hand, round down.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 4 comments, last one by BruceGee on 05/03/2004     
(black, 11,9,7,5)
Sell one of the gems this is played with, regardless of quantity, unless a king is also played on the gem. This sale is not affected by other (non-king) black cards.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 5 comments, last one by BruceGee on 05/03/2004     
(purple [queen-style], 10,8,6,4)
Select a non-gem card that just turned up and discard it.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 12 comments, last one by BruceGee on 05/03/2004     
Cursed Ring
(black, 8,7,5,3)
For each other ring placed on this gem, the value is decreased by 20 pounds. This can make gems have a negetave value. Compareable to a king, it can have a greater or lesser effect (if there are a lot off rings, someone can lose a lot) and is not affected by the QN, but does not have the guarenteed stopping power.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 2 comments, last one by lasfar on 10/15/2003     
(black, 9,7,5,4)
Sell your gems before the sale completes. It is unaffected by other black cards and is only worth the fashon value, without the rarity value added. These gems then do not affect rarity for the rest of the sale.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 1 comment by Azarkon on 07/24/2003     
Name: Earrings
Starting cost: 12

Effect: Earrings have the effect of two rings combined (ie it acts as a 2 Ring, versus the standard 1 Ring). This card, under the name 2 Ring, was in the first prototype we played with at Essen, and was removed because of its tendency to generate wild score swings during a sale Razz

It is only slightly less powerfull than two regular rings combine (the latter can be played on two separate gem types, unlike this one which is an all or nothing bet).
05/22/2003 by eric - 5 comments, last one by Azarkon on 07/23/2003     
(blue, 10,7,4,2)
Have a sale now. Ignore the next merchant to show up. If this is played after two sales, than this is the final sale. (note: cardinals may still be used)

06/11/2003 by Azarkon - 3 comments, last one by Phil_Trance on 07/16/2003     
Court Jester
(1 card, Gray character, Cost: 11,9,7,5)

Play this card during a sale, but separate from your gems.
If there are one or more successful King cards (not cancelled by a Queen's Necklace), you collect 25 pounds from the owner of each King.
03/01/2005 by bclayj - No comments. Add a first comment to this article