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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

Multi-faceted Gem
Name: Multi-faceted Gem
Initial cost: 8

Effect: This gem is multi-colored, and can be played indifferently as a ruby, emerald, or diamond during the same. It does _not_ have the same effect as a mini-Alchemist, in that it is committed to a given gem type when played, and cannot be switched upon seeing the other players displays.
05/22/2003 by eric
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I like the idea of having a gem that acts as a mini-alchimist (funny how that's how I designed mine) but the bigger question then would be could you couple it with a ring or a king or even the QN and have that card's effect shift with the gem.
that is a good question. It would indeed make the QN a lot more interesting/powerfull (assuming you get both cards in your hand). Right now, I personally think the QN is overrated/a bit over priced, especially compared to the Alchemist.
Excellent card, I supprised they didn't include this card in the original release.
shadrach1 ~ Skotos
The best time to take the necklace is actually when you need to use your kings- i.e. not when you need it yourself, when you want to deprive your opponents of it.
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