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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

I would like to propose a 'Princess'

Purple (8,6,4,2)

This card could be played during the devaluation phase of any turn. Just as the 'Queen' can take possession of a gem as it comes into play immediately, the 'Princess' would be able to rescue a card just as the devaluation is removing it from play.
02/16/2005 by Sethra
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Smile Love the idea. I had an idea of putting a princess card in but, i had no idea of how to use it. This card amkes the game so much more fun
Tan Coul
One problem I see with this card is that often, any card being removed by devaluation is one deemed by all players to be of little value at the time. Its value could be ramped up by taking all cards removed by devaluation on a turn, should there be more than one, perhaps?
devaluation removing a card from play is not very common and cards that are removed from play this way are not generally wanted, i think it should therefor be a bit cheaper. e.g (6,4,2,1) or even (4,3,2,1).
Good idea though
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